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    If your looking for a decent Graphics package, then Fireworks is a great choice. I use Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator for web graphics creation. Also Fireworks integrates well with Dreamweaver.

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    Foo - I have Illustrator. Will it integrate well with Dreamweaver and Fireworks?

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    Right now I am using Illustrator 8. It does a "fairly" decent job of integration. I can export to JPEG and GIF format wich I can transfer to D/F . Also Fireworks can read Illustrator .art files. The new upcoming version 9 from Adobe should be extremely good considering it will even export to Shockwave Flash format. The only thing I dislike about Illustrator is that it takes so ungodly long to load!
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    Geesh - I can't keep up with all the upgrades. Version 9??? I recently purchased the upgrade for version 8. Bummer.

    I just ordered Dreamweaver and Fireworks. I can't wait to start building my own web page.

    Thanks again, Foo.
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    Ken, has the new HP Pocket PC that I looked at. They love it too! In fact they think it looks cooler than the Palm V! They're under an NDA just like me so they won't give any details. I can't either, but it's nice to see someone else is agreeing with me instead of attacking me!
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    Don't forget this weekend is the beginning of the Microsoft Extreme event. Maybe someone will take pictures of the Pocket PC devices.
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    The Cassiopeia E-115 is for sale at,, and The cheapest is at HardwareBuyline where they have it listed at $520.95. I have already placed my pre-order so that I can get to the top of the line as well as take advantage of the low price. They are selling it for cheaper than they are selling the Cassiopeia E-105!! Go Figure! (Link below)

    On the issue of battery life, the biggest difference between Palm and WinCe devices is the marketing strategies. Palm advertises their products as having four week battery life, so everyone assumes that the life is so much better, but what people don't realize is that this is based on "normal daily usage". When you actually work out the "four week" battery life, it comes down to about 12-14 hours, not that much better than current WinCE devices. Remember, the new devices are rumored to have much better battery lives as well, so battery is not as much of an issue as I used to think.

    I used to be a Visor addict until I found out about the new Pocket PCs. I still think the Visor is incredible and the best Palm device out there, the new Pocket PC's blow the Visor out of the water in terms of functionality out of the box. I personally want to be able to work on my device while listening to music. The Pocket PC's come with Excel and Word, the two programs that are the most useful to me. I would have to pay nearly $100 extra to get fully functional versions of these on my Visor, and they still wouldn't be as powerful or have the same integration that the Pocket versions do. The Pocket versions can read straight from Word 2000 and Excel 2000, so there is no compatibility issue or an issue where you have to change formats everytime you hotsync.

    I also need something to listen to music on, and the Pocket PC does that out of the box with the Windows Media Player. It costs $100 for the Innogear MiniJam, and that comes with no memory. I also realize that I will need to buy extra memory so that I can have a decent amount of songs with me at all times. Compact Flash cards are not the "industry standard", but they do have the most prevalent market share. The cards are currently much cheaper than the smaller Multimedia cards that the MiniJam uses, so I will save more money on memory in the long run. I can also use the compact flash cards with my digital camera, saving me money as well.

    COLOR SCREENS!! The Pocket PC screens are much better than the Palm devices and have a much better resolution. While the Visor's screen is sufficient for what it does, color adds a whole new layer of opportunity. Things such as productivity apps, as well as anti-productivity apps (namely games), benefit greatly from the addition of color.

    Another thing that converted me from the Visor to the Pocket PC is the availability of a fully featured graphing calculator. There are some calculators out there for the Visor, but they have severely limited capabilities. Having a graphing calculator on my new Cassiopeia will allow me to leave my TI-85 at home.

    The new Pocket PCs are also supposed to have greatly enhanced handwriting recognition. Microsoft either bought the rights to Paragraph's Calligrapher software or actually bought the company, but either way, the program is likely to be incorporated. I have read that it will be called "Microsoft Transcriber". I have tried the Calligrapher software and it is incredible. Full handwriting recognition will make my PDA so much easier to use. I currently own a Palm V, and I know that I cannot write long documents or memos because the data entry is so time consuming and inefficient. Calligrapher recognizes almost any kind of handwriting, be it print or cursive, and you can write anywhere on the screen. On the Visor, a large portion on the bottom of the screen is taken up by the Graffiti pad, taking up valuable real estate. The fact that the Pocket PCs can do full handwriting recognition will save me from having to buy a keyboard to lug around with me. If I ever wanted one however, Think Outside is making a version of the Stowaway (a great keyboard), for WinCE devices, so that option is still there for those who want it. You can try the Calligrapher software online via a Javascript program. (link below)

    The old WinCE devices are not that much bigger than the Visor anyway. The Cassiopeia 105 is .08" thicker, .26" wider, and .31" taller. This doesn't add a whole lot of space. The only significant difference in form factor is the weight. The Cassiopeia weighs 3.6 oz more than the Visor, about 2/3 more. This doesn't bother me too much because of the extended functionality I am getting.

    Well, to make a long story long (sorry about the length of the post), price/functionality increase I get for the Pocket PC switched me.

    Visor = 250 + 100 + 100 = $450
    (MP3) (Word & Excel)
    Cassiopeia 115 = $520

    The Visor is $70 cheaper only using the two things I mentioned, but the color screen, handwriting recognition, graphing calculator and the cheaper flash memory is well worth it. I switched because the new Pocket PCs do everything I need (I am also a technophile), but if all you are looking for is a PDA to keep track of your appointments, the Visor is for you.
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    I've been saying those things for some time ploobers! I couldn't agree more. However, If I were you I would wait until the 19th. I've seen the new HP Jornada, and I think it's the best device I have seen! Look's pretty snazzy. The Jornada is noticeably thinner and lighter than the Cassiopeia. If fact the Cassiopeia is now the largest Pocket PC unit. Everyone else has gone on a "diet".

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    I see you visit Cecities discussion board too Welcome to the club!
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    What do you have to do in order to see the units before they are announced? Is there anyway I could get involved with it? How much does the NDA keep you from saying?

    I pre-ordered the Cassiopeia based on Casio's previous superiority. I wanted to make sure that I received one of the first few units so that I wouldn't be stuck without a PDA forever.

    How do the specs compare between the new Casio and the new Journada? I don't like the iPaq, so the Journada would be my only other option to switch to. Can you tell me anything about it?

    Thanks foo fighter
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    I'm sorry, but I can't give any details on the Jornada's design or features. My NDA expires on the 19th when Microsoft will unveil the devices. I find it somewhat strange that the OEMs are letting Microsoft do what should be their job, but I don't plan these things! My NDA prohibits me from disclosing any info that is not, already, officially released from HP. For example, HP has already made it known that the devices will be named the Jornada 540/545. That's why I can tell you that it is still called the Jornada and not something else. I was given the chance to see it from my friend who works for Agilent (a division of HP). His staff has been testing it for several weeks. He got me in by stretching the truth, I'm a web designer, and he listed me as a Wireless solutions provider for handheld devices. That was BS! I've only made a couple AvantGo channels for some clients! Oh well, I'm not telling HP.

    The new Jornada is very nice, and very stylish! The Cassiopeia was the leader of the pack in size, style, and features, but that has now changed. It's now the "big brick" of the three OEMs. thinks the Jornada looks better than the Palm V. That might be a slight overstatement, but as Adam Corolla would say in the "Lightening round", "it is!!"

    I should also note that this is the only Pocket PC device I have seen. There could be other devices from HP not yet mentioned or displayed. We'll see. I would wait. From what I understand they are already in distribution centers across the country, so you won't have to wait on the 19th to get your copy. Unfortunately for me, seeing the pre-production units don't entitle me to getting one before anyone else. I'll have to wait in line just like you.

    I'm very excited though!


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    Have you noticed that the Casio web site is always down? I just went there about an hour ago, and it's still down now! Maybe everyone is trying to get an early scoop on the E-115.
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    Thanks a bunch foo fighter. I was just at the Casio site. There are no new announcements, but the site was definately slow. During the past two weeks, it has been really hard to browse their website.

    Well, you have convinced me to cancel my order for the Cassiopeia E115. It is driving me crazy not knowing what the specs of these machines are. I think about it all the time. I really wish I could get to one of the trade shows so that I could see Rapier and also get one of those $100 off coupons that HP is giving away. Does anybody have an extra coupon they would be willing to give me? I was just checking on the HP website. They seem really dedicated because they offer a lot of good rebates. It seems really stupid for the manufacturers not to release their hardware so that people can look at it before they buy it. Is the Jornada for pre-order anywhere? Is there any word on battery life?

    Do you know a site that tells about the relative differences of the PPC processors? There are so many different ones, StrongARM, MIPS, and many others. I don't have any clue about them and I would like to learn about it.


    "Looking for $100 coupon"
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    I'm happy to see you're going to wait for the HP units Ploobers. I don't think you will regret that decision! I'm so excited I could explode right now. They tell you to take a cold shower when your really horny, but what are you supposed to do when you have "PDA envy"? Scribble notes on your hand and pretend it's a Pocket PC?

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    Hmmmm – HP and Agilent have huge office complexes here in Colorado Springs. Actually, Agilent is about 1 mile from where I live. Maybe I could pull a Foo and sneak into one of their buildings? (I’m imagining that scene from Mission Impossible … the one in which Tom Cruise breaks into the CIA headquarters).

    I'm getting excited, too. Unfortunately, though, I'll be out of the country the 15th - 23rd. Bummer! Maybe I could pick one up in Singapore? DOH!
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    The only thing that worried me was the lack of onboard memory on the Jornada 430se. There is only 16MB RAM and 8MB ROM. I was afraid that HP would not make the jump to the next generation device because Casio already had twice as much RAM and ROM. HP seemed so far behind that I didn't think that they would step ahead with this device.

    Between you and the article header at, I am going to wait for the HP. I am sure the wait will be well worth it. Now I will try to find a $100 rebate coupon that someone doesn't need because I am a student, and any rebate is worth it to me. I hate to sound whiny, but I have to ask.

    About your showering comment, I am checking these boards almost constantly, so hungry am I for information. I have gone crazy with desire!!! I need RAPIER! Actually, it is not Rapier that intrigues me because I already know the information about it. I want RAPIER DEVICES!!!
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    Could you take a couple units for me Ken?? I can hook you up with the right people for your operation in exchange for the reassurance that I will be able to get a cut of the action. What do you say? I think we can take the joint. HP and Agilent can't be that well guarded...Let me know what you decide. I'm waiting...
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    Maybe you can pose as IRS agents. After all, it is tax time.

    Here are some more screenshots: PDAMart got these from the new Casio device. It's not much but it is worth a look.


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    It should also be noted that hardware isn't the only thing coming out the door on the 19th. Your going to hear a lot of announcements from software developers (some of them being Palm developers) of new applications for the Pocket PC. It has been noted before that the WinCE software community is strangely quiet right now. Anti-Microsoft types have used this as an indicator that software developers are leaving this market in favor of the Palm. This couldn't be farther from the truth! On the contrary, everything is "on hold" for the official release of the new OS. At that time the flood gates will open, and we will see lots of new programs for these devices. Maybe what Bill Gates said in his TV ad is true,..."the best is yet to come". God! I can't believe I just said that! Someone please shoot me!
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    Here is a copy of the message I posted in the General Topic board in case anyone missed it:

    Here we go!
    All right, first off let me just say that your take on the Pocket PC seems very opinionated. I can understand preferring the Palm platform to Microsoft’s. I love the Visor for its simplicity and ease of use. But please don’t make the completely unfounded claim that “there was nothing that the Pocket PC can do that the Palm OS isn't capable of”. Hah! I nearly dropped my Visor when I read that statement. You need to examine the two platforms more closely before making such an outrageous claim. As I have stated in earlier posts to this discussion board, the Pocket PC operating system is far more robust (its based on NT code). It is a true multitasking OS (it can run multiple applications at one time, something a Palm can’t do), Its applications are much better integrated amongst themselves and the OS, its faster (yes, I’ve seen it in action against my Visor), more advanced bundled apps (built-in apps are equivalent, in terms of features, to advanced Palm apps such as DateBK3 or ToDO plus), it has a higher resolution display (320x240 compared to the tiny 160x160 of the Palm), multimedia capabilities built-in (MP3 playback, and video without the need for a Springboard), better audio (built-in voice recording, and a much more audible alarm feature), superior eText/ebook readability (Microsoft Reader), better color implementation, faster hardware, better sync options (Full backup/restore features, as opposed to us Palm/Visor user who have to purchase Backup Buddy for $30), better sync with Outlook and PC, and yes it is as stable as the Palm OS.
    “Color…I guess the IIIc takes care of that”, Yeah Right!!! Check out my post in the Palm OS compatibles topic board. I purchased a Palm IIIc at Staples and returned it after just 2 days. It was horrendous. The screen was so badly pixilated, it hurt my eyes!. You can see the bold black space in between each pixel. It’s like looking through a screen door on a bright summers day. And it only supports 256 colors, unlike 65k colors on a Pocket PC. That’s hardly worth $450. If you like the IIIc you’re crazy!

    Lastly, you’ve left out the second most important element to this equation…the hardware. You have not seen the new Pocket PC devices themselves. With the exception of the Casio, all of the Pocket PCs are thinner, lighter, more stylish, and about the size of a Palm III/IIIc. What you looked at was the earlier generation of Palm-size PCs. I’ve seen the new HP unit and it is awesome. also looked at it and they think it looks better than the Palm V! So hold your judgment until the 19th when these new products will be showcased, if you can tell me at that time that you hate the new devices and the OS, and you think that there is nothing to like about these new devices I will dig myself a grave…lay down, and die!

    Will the Pocket PC kill the Palm? No way! Will the Pocket PC erode the Palm’s market share? Only time will tell, but I think it will erode market share for high end Palm devices such as a Palm IIIc…there is no comparison folks! The IIIc is an inferior product compared to a Pocket PC. If you prefer the IIIc to a P/PC…you need to have your head examined! I know because I briefly owned one of those over-hyped color Palms.

    Lastly, let me put one final argument to rest. The Palm will never die. But neither will the Pocket PC. The wireless/handheld computing market is a burgeoning new field and there is more than enough room for two diverging philosophies. This is yet another excellent choice for consumers and in the end it all comes down to choices. As I’ve said before, if Microsoft leaves this market you can say goodbye to any new features for the Palm OS. We’ll still be using the same OS ten years from now. Hoser mentioned that he liked the new Transcriber feature as well as the HRS system in the Pocket PC. Well, I can promise you that if the Pocket PC is a failure, and Palm takes over this market, you will never see that feature meet the light of day on a Palm device. Companies don’t learn from success, they learn from failure, the PalmPilot is a product of this fact. Obviously Microsoft has learned a lot because their product was a failure! They had the farthest go to win over consumers. I think the Pocket PC will be a big hit. Palm could learn something from this platform rather than ridicule it into submission. The Palm is not perfect! The Visor is proof of that because it attempts to add features that a Palm doesn’t poses. If none of you wanted a handheld device that supported MP3 or GPS then why in the hell did you buy the a Visor. You bought it precisely for the fact that it had the potential of performing those very functions. If not then Handspring would have died on the launch pad, and we would all be carrying a Palm IIIxe.

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