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    I found the article, but the company is Symbol not Symbian...Oops!,00.html

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    Foo - Thanks. I checked it out. Went to Symbol's web page - - but I don't get what they're all about. Seems as if Clinton likes them, though.

    Okay, I'm signing off. I need to watch a little March Madness. (Looking forward to the April 19th Madness!).
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    I have to say I'm impressed. Microsoft finally figured out that the best place for the Start button is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I've moved my Start button there on every PC I've had to use.

    I wonder where they got the idea from…
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    Well, I guess the powers that be have demoted us to the lonely halls of “Off Topic.” Sure is quiet down here.

    Foo, Gameboy, Hoser – if you ever find your way down here, please continue to keep us up to date on WinCE 3.0.

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    Don't worry, if I find any more info I'll be sure to post it here right away.

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    I'm sure you already know this, but just in case you missed it, Microsoft will officially launch the Pocket PC on April 19. According to some news articles I've seen this will be Microsoft's biggest marketing campaign ever in the history of the company, even upstaging the launch of Windows 95. Remember the Rolling Stones song being played...Start me up. Supposedly these little devices are TOP PRIORITY at Redmond.

    It looks like this time they are extremely serious about PDAs. All upcoming Pocket PC devices will be in stores available for purchase by April 19, possibly before that date.

    I'm excited!

    Also be sure to check out Microsoft's Pocket PC site:

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  7. #27 has a feature by feature comparison between the new Pocket PC OS, old Windows CE, and the Palm OS. It's a good read.

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    Oh baby! This is good stuff! I'm going to be in Southeast Asia April 15th-23rd, so I may miss out on some of the action. But I'll be running to the nearest Office Depot the moment I get back!

    My cousin works for Microsoft, so I've been trying all day - via email - to get the inside scoop. But thus far he's been pretty tight lipped. Bummer!

    The more I read, the more I'm convinced that this is going to be HUGE! If it's anything like the Win95 debut ... geesh, that will be nuts. Oddly enough, I find myself cheering Microsoft on!!!

    Thanks again for all the good links.
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    Hey Foo - way to sock it to `em on the "Considering Switching to a PocketPC" post. Us "Off Topic" bottom dwellers will continue to glory in the new WinCE while you silence the skeptics upstairs.
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    Thanks Ken!

    But it looks like those "Considering Switching to a PocketPC" are now "bottom dwellers" just like us. VisorCentral moved the topic down here with us. Guess they don't want anyone talking about the Pocket PC...I smell conspiracy!

    I'm just surprised how everyone is stereotyping Windows CE. I always keep an open mind to new options. I'm a PC user (also a freelance web designer) and I can't wait to see Mac OSX.

    I guess some people just aren't as open minded as we are. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!

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    In case you're wondering, I moved this posting to OT because there was no discussion of the Visor in it. The other one started as a Visor vs. WinCE but ended up only discussing the new CE.

    You can talk about WinCE, fishing, whatever all you want in the Off-Topic section

    James Hromadka
    Personal Website:
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    James – no grudges down here. It’s actually kind of nice. Not a whole lot of traffic … just Foo and me.

    You know, I think we’ll be seeing plenty “Visor vs. PocketPC” threads in the weeks to come. With Microsoft’s huge promotional campaign, the topic will be unavoidable. Right now, though, WinCE 3.0 is just some obscure name floating around out there. No one – except you, Foo – can get their hands on it.

    I agree with you 100%, Foo. For whatever reason we humans always want to know where our material goods “rank” in comparison to everyone else’s material goods. I don’t know why, but when I recently purchased my Toshiba laptop, I also purchased an “identity.” I’m sure the same can be said of most PDA users. Image is everything, right?

    Consumerism - it’s a fascinating thing.

    So, when are we going fishing?
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    Fishing sounds great! The weather is beautiful where I'm at. But it's too windy
    Fish Don't like that.

    I've been cleaning out my inbox of all the flame mail I got for saying nice things about the Pocket PC. I just laugh at all of the moronic assumptions people make when comparing the two platforms. Everyone seems to think that because the Palm OS is more popular that it's somehow more powerful and more advanced than the new WinCE. One ***** sent me his "brilliant" insight: "Everyone knows that the Palm OS is far more advanced than CE...I can actually read my email on my Visor and beam a memo to someone, something a CE device can't do." What the hell does he think a Pocket PC is,...a Lady Remington shaver?

    Another flamer sent me his response that was so funny I nearly fell to the floor laughing: "So what if a Pocket PeeCee can play music and watch video movies can do all that stuff with a Palm V can't you?" I wonder if these idiots are wearing mismatched socks too?

    Why do I even bother?

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    I would like to make a few things clear to all you nutballs who keep emailing me. I like the Palm OS very much. In no way do I think that the Pocket PC marks the death of the "Palm Economy", quite the contrary, I think this is great for the Palm community. Any time there is new innovation in the computer industry it benefits all platforms. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see Palms that have built-in stereo out jacks! But as simple as the Palm is, it's beginning to show it's age. I do think this is the beginning of the end of the Palms domination in the PDA market.

    The problem is that Palm views any new feature as going against the "Zen of Palm". This is both a blessing and a curse. The Pocket PC has many features that Palm users have begged for over the past 4-5 years. Including: audio capabilities, more advanced built-in apps, color screens (with higher resolution), expansion slots, and so forth. The Visor comes closest to this feature level but not right out of the box. Visors' have the illusion that they are cheaper than the Pocket PC, but that's not entirely true. Add up the cost of all the Springboard modules that add to its capabilities. The Visor deluxe costs $250...but the Innogear MiniJam player will set you back around $169(I think that's the price), now add the price of apps. QuickSheet (equivalent to Pocket Excel) costs about $40...ouch!, SmartDoc (equivalent to Pocket Word)is about $20, Ultrasoft Money (equivalent to Pocket Money) is about $30. That alone goes beyond the price of a Pocket PC, and we still haven't added the COLOR DISPLAY! Plus the Pocket PC has an "industry standard" expansion slot, not a proprietary Springboard slot. How many consumer electronic devices have a Springboard slot? How many have Compact Flash?

    The biggest problem for the Palm economy, as I see it, is the fact that the wrong company holds control over the Palm OS. Palm is simply too conservative for it's own good. HandSpring has the most lucid vision of what features PDA devices should have, at least in relation to the Palm. Microsoft was always criticized for not understanding what consumers wanted from a handheld device. But this time I think it may be Palm who's left holding the bag. Microsoft may have found a niche with three critical features...Color...MP3...and ebooks. All of which are the hot buttons in consumer electronics. Palm has always contended that it's devices are simply Organizers, but that image may prove to blow up in it's face. It's going to become harder to justify owning several devices that each perform a specific task when you can simply own one device that does most of them. The Visor carry's that philosophy, to some extent, but those features are not built-in. Would anyone really want a Palm VII that required the purchase of a $200 add-on to connect to a wireless service provider...of course not! You would expect it to perform those functions out of the box.

    In the end it comes down to innovation through competition. Many of you out there hope that the Pocket PC will be a failure and that Windows CE will die away for good. Get real!, do you really think you will ever see any innovation within the Palm Economy without outside competition? Many of you see Microsoft as a monopoly, but what happens when they (Microsoft) leave this market...that's right, Palm will become a monopoly on handhelds! Without competition a market stagnates, becoming the status quo. Look at Windows on the desktop. We, as consumers, haven't seen any "radical" new GUI interface innovation from Microsoft since 1995. That's based, partly, on the fact that Microsoft practically owns the desktop. And so it's going to take a competitor to bring new innovation we all crave, namely Apple, in the form of Mac OSX. Without Apple we will still be using the same Win95 interface for the next 3 years!

    In the end it comes down to choices. Change is good, especially when it's for the better. And the Pocket PC is clearly a choice we need.

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    Wow! that was a long post Sorry for being so long winded.
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    Okay, I'm a mac user... I use a handheld device (My visor).. I "think different" and read up on this PocketPC.. Very nice actually... If only MS were more mac friendly I'd REALLY consider getting one. See, I still have to synch up to my computer you know!

    But I guess I'll have to wait until Apple and Palms OS hybrid comes out.. You guys know that Apple and palm are working together right? Well, I'm not even too sure about details but there's something going on there. I'll be watching out for this PocketPC though.. It is exciting! Maybe I'll get my girlfriend one.

    Take care,

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    I've heard rumors that Microsoft will offer some kind of Mac sync software with Pocket PC. That's a rumor mind you. We won't know for sure until April 19. You can actually sync a Pocket PC now with a Mac using Virtual PC, although that's hardly an ideal solution.
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    Not to keep on ranting, but another thing I would love to see on future releases of the Palm OS is a file explorer. I've always hated the fact that the Palm keeps the file system hidden from the user. Pocket PC uses a file directory system similar to Windows, right down to a My Documents folder. This makes it very convenient to find all of your files and documents rather than having to open QuickSheet to find your spreadsheets or TealDoc and iSilo to find your doc files. Just my 2 cents.
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    Hey look what I found
    Microsoft has a tiny peek at the new units. You can barely see the top of the HP unit I previewed.

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    Yeah, using VPC is really bad! Everything I have is in mac format and I'm really not about to drop that all and switch OS's like that 50 times a minute to copy and past every little thing. It would be nice if it could just access my Palm Desktop info.. However, if it had synching to allow it to act as a PC hard drive on my mac, that's another thing because at LEAST I can have my word and excel documents on there! See, I'd like that to start.. But eventually, I would really want my contacts and calendar in there.. Afterall, that's what these things are for. Otherwise, I could have gotten a laptop


    They look a little big.. at least in that guys hand whose holding it while laying in his hammock.
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