Debate between the PocketPC and the Palm platform is irrelevant. Palm devices are simple, easy to use PIM's. PocketPC's are for the users that want a mini-version of their Office platform and have the $$ to burn.
I'll stick with the Visor for now since the PocketPC still does not meet my requirements: Size of a pocket book so I can read my novels, documentation, etc. and use as a PIM. Portable docking station the same size with a mini CD ROM drive so I can read my different CD journals. Docking station would also have a slot for notebook style battery. Rechargeable of course.
The real threat to Palm devices are the Cell Phone manufacturers building PIM's into their phones.
At least Handspring had the vision to incorporate a microphone into the Visor and publish the Springboard specs without charging royalties (unlike the MacGreedy and TI-99 platforms).
Like the open specification of the original IBM PC, we are seeing companies providing wireless and cell phone capabilities for the Visor along with anything they can dream up.