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    I saw this article on Yahoo about some new IBM laptops that have a springboard-like port. The article is at

    Anyone heard anything else about this? Is it really compatible or just similar form factor?
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    Springboard is dead unless Handspring will license it to other OEMs. Imagine how prolific they would become if every Palm was equipped with one. If they keep it to themselves, Springboard will never flourish. I hope Palm never adopts the idiotic Sony memory stick, its a terrible form factor. Palm users will never want to stick expensive "chewing gum" into their PDA. ;-)

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    I think the key word here is "similar" to the Visor SB.

    "IBM will be among the first notebook makers to offer Portofino ports, which are similar to expansion slots used on the Handspring Visor."

    IBM is an industry innovator. They are not typically in the habit of adopting "other" technology. I believe that IBM is coming out with their own port here. I hope I'm wrong, because I would like to see the SB's go into other devices as well. Additionally, SB's are written for Palm platforms, not the WinX that will be running on the Thinkpad's.


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