I posted this elsewhere, but it seems more appropriate here -- further proof that "true" handwriting recognition is bogus (can you tell this is an issue for me?):

Well, it's official: the PPC is DOA. And I feel personally vindicated that the "natural" handwriting recognition of the Transcriber feature is as hard to use as I predicted it would be:

"Unlike Palm OS's easy Grafitti writing program, Pocket PC's character recognizer is inconsistent. We like the fact that you can actually see the letters as you write them on the device's screen, but we wish that the character recognizer would translate written characters into the correct letters." (C-Net)

"I also found Pocket PCs handriting-recognition skills to be woefully inadequate. It kept reading my as as gs or us, my bs as ds and sprinkling periods liberally throughout my text. A few hours of this, and my head was throbbing; I reverted to tapping in my letters one at a time on the onscreen keyboard. For the time being, Ill stick with Palms tried-and-tested Graffiti alphabet." (Time Digital)

Then again, maybe it works better with the mouse