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    I am planning to get a high capacity flash card to go with my new HP Jornada 548 and am trying to decide which one to get. I want to get a large one so that I can listen to MP3's and perhaps even watch movies. I want at least 128MB, but I have recently found cards in 160MB, 192MB, 300MB, and 320MB capacities. Does anyone have any experience with these?

    Here is a basic pricelist as far as I have found:

    Simple Technology:
    128MB: $230
    320MB: $990

    128MB: $270
    192MB: $599
    300MB: $799

    I only found the larger Sandisk models on their own online store. How do these models differ in their power consumption and reliability? I previously was looking at the IBM Microdrive to store my stuff, but all the reviews I read said that battery life was cut down to almost 25% by using it, so I scratched that idea. Is it worth it to pay more for a big card or should I just buy a 128MB card?
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    Keep in mind that the Jornada uses a Type 1 CF slot!


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