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    OK, all the other WinCE threads are starting to get massive, so let's try again. Third time's the charm!!

    What are the chances of a leak by HP? It seems like the new model is losing any kind of pre-April 19 hype because they are the most close-lipped about their product. We already know most of the specs on the iPaq and the Casio. The iPaq is a significant upgrade to the old Aero's, but I think it is as ugly as anything. Some people think it looks nice, but I can't stand looking at it for very long. The other thing that could be good, although I doubt much will come of it, is the sleeve idea that Compaq has. They show the iPaq being slipped into cell-phone, boombox, and another type of sleeve (sorry, can't remember what it is right now) I don't think that this proprietary concept will have much of an effect on the market, but innovation is always good and makes competitors compete to make the best products. The thing I like the best about the new iPaq is the decreased form factor. It is now less thick than the Visor!! Palm/Visor users can no longer play the "humongous" card against the WinCE devices. Their only claim to fame now will be battery life, but as I have stated in previous posts, the actual difference is not that significant and should be drastically reduced when the new Pocket PCs arrive.

    I am the most disappointed about the new Cassiopeia. Casio was leading the pack and would have had a lot of new and repeat business. I actually pre-ordered the E-115 based on Casio's previous performance, but once I realized that they had not upgraded anything but the OS, I canceled my order. I cannot believe that Casio thinks they can remain competitive with the same old device. HP and Compaq have come out with next generation devices while Casio is stuck in the past. I expect to see them lose their command over the market.

    Anyone with HP info please post it!!

    I am heading off for Japan tomorrow. I will be there until Sunday. Is there any chance that there will be anything cool happening there concerning the launch? I am going crazy, and during all the spare time I have in Osaka, I will be prowling around the electronics stores, looking for information about anything.

    By the way, does HP have a corporate base in Japan that I could call to try and weasel some information out of? People have been saying that the support line in the US has not been very helpful and/or informative, sometimes even contradicting themselves, so maybe it is different in Japan.

    Going crazy with the waiting!!!!!
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    Since your so excited about the HP, I'll give out my favorite feature...It has a metal case!!! That's all I will say for now.

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    Thanks foo fighter. Metal is definately good!! I'll be gone for the next 4-5 days, so unless I can find a way to access this in Japan, have some good discussion and maybe there will have been a leak by the time I get back.

    Adios, and only a little satiated (NEED HP)

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