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    How do i make my AOL E-mail account work with the Visor?

    Greg Moore
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    Switch to a half decent ISP.....

    but seriously, I'm pretty sure there was a mail prgram out there that came in 2 different flavors, regular POP3 and the Proprietary AOL Mail Protocol. but Maybe I'm thinking of my old Newton 130. I think it was HandMail, not sure though.. made by westcodesoftware I think.
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    I use AOL b/c my friends and everyone else is on it. I have the buy your own access plan and i use as my main ISP. I hate AOL as much as the next person. LoL
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    goto or and do a search with AOL as the keyword. There's definately a PalmOS program out there that will pick up your AOL mail. I used to be an AOL'er until i got my visor. Then i realized how limiting AOL was. When i canceled my account they asked why and i said that it wouldn't work properly with my palm computer. Their response: our new AOL 5.0 has a dayplanner you can use instead!!!

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    Originally posted by GregMoore:
    I use AOL b/c my friends and everyone else is on it. I have the buy your own access plan and i use as my main ISP. I hate AOL as much as the next person. LoL
    What difference does it make if your friends are on AOL? Why do you have to use it? I don't get it.
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    i have a profile on AOL. i have the "" E-mail address (and that does make a diff.) I can check my mail from my school (aol netmail, just have to bypass security)
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    Why don't you A) just get AOL instant messenger, then B) get a hotmail account or any of the other countless free email accounts on the web. That way you can still check your email from school.
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    He might be better off with a Yahoo account as that does let you check mail with any browser, plus it has POP3 access.
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    Oddly enough, AOL does have a version for Palm OS. I don't use it myself because I haven't broken down yet and gotten a modem. Still waiting for the six pack to hit the market.

    Anyhoo, I think you can find a link to it at keyword "Anywhere" or failing that, AOL has a pda forem at keyword PDA.
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    I too have been looking for software to interface with AOL to read and write email on the Visor. Everything I've found to date requires a modem, including AOL Mail, which AOL has been advertising on line like crazy this past week. I have posted several inquiries on Visor Central on this topic, and the only software that claims to do the trick is PocketFlash, which is $25 on PalmGear HQ. Supposedly you can download your email when you sync in the cradle and read/coompose offline. I haven't tried it yet, but I will post a review as soon as I do (it takes 1-2 business days for them to forward my download password). The ad claims that you can also use it with a modem and that it will soon (or maybe already does?) have wireless syncing capability with Sprint. If anyone out there has tried this product, please post!
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    Ok, I tried PocketFlash, and it requires a modem (other than your PC's internet connection). I was not able to run the demo of HandMail because my AOL screen name is too long to fit HandMail's protocol and they haven't updated their software since AOL went to version 5.0. I can't believe the only answer is to get a modem...any other ideas, anyone? Please help!!
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    I was under the impression that you had a modem. I havn't heard of anything that will let you sync with your AOL Mail Account through your computer..
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    Yes there is a program made by AOL that alows you to check your email. It is called AOL Mail. When you have AOL screen open click Keyword. Then type in: ANYWHERE. There should be a screen that opens and towards the center on the left there should be a link for the Palm OS.
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    that is only if you have a modem..i need something that, like avantgo, hooks up to the server and downloads your mail and sends it...

    Greg Moore

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