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    I'm curious on what you guys pay for petrol/gas...
    I always here people from the bay area complaining about the gas-prizes over there... I was wondering how the prizes are over the world...

    I've got the feeling we (in the Netherlands) pay the most world wide... we pay NLG 2.60 per liter. that's about $1.30 per liter that's $4.28 per gallon...
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    Around Chicago, IL we pay about $1.75 a gallon right now for 87 octane. 93 octane is about $1.95. In the suburbs, it ranges from $1.51 to $1.73 a gallon. Gas prices suck!
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    In Houston, TX gas is currently ranging from $1.40-$1.50 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.

    The normal price over the past few years is ~1.10-~1.20, depending on the season. That's why people are complaining.

    James Hromadka
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    In toronto, canada prices vary but are generally between 60 and 70 cents a litre (CDN$) which works out to 0.39 to 0.46 cents US per litre which is $1.47 to $1.74 per gallon US$.

    I'd say it's comparable to what i pay in Maryland.

    Personally i'm not complaining. maybe the increase in gas prices will make people realize they don't need 15 cars per household, a 12 cylinder SUV to go grocery shopping, or drive 1/2 a block to rent a video when you can walk!!

    i'm not a tree-hugger (sorry no offense to anyone) but i do beleive that you can only ask the people to conserve so much before you start taking drastic measures (increasing gas prices) inorder to make them listen!

    Driving a car is definately not a right. it's a privilage. (did i spell that right? )
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    Around where I live (a small town in Midwest) a gallon of gas cost $1.40-$1.49. I haven't seen $1.50 yet. Fortunately I have a small car so I fill up my tank once or twice a week, each time less than $15.

    I wish I could take train or bus to work (so that I can read AvantGo & docs on my visor ), but there is no public transportation between where I live & where I work (about 40 miles apart).
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    I just paid $1.85, the cheapest I've seen this week is $1.79. Oh yes, I'm in the Bay Area. I don't worry about it too much. After adjusting for inflation, gas prices are cheaper than they were in the 30's. Last year's prices were the lowest in history!
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    U try filling up a 42 gallon tank at $1.80 a gallon!
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    Gas in San Diego is running around $1.85 for a gallon of 87 Octane. I work at a Chevy Dealer and we seem to only sell Suburbans and Tahoes - 42 gallon tanks. We always fill the tanks before delivery and the Exxon station we use is gouging (sp?) us at $1.99 for a gallon of 87.

    Of course I torture myself ever more by commuting 40 miles each way to work!

    has anyone seen the FedEx driver?

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    James, you were getting ripped off

    Over on the westside for the past year and a half we were paying ~$.90 $.99/gal. Since this 'shortage' started, I have seen the price climb to $1.49(yesterday) Considering there is $.35/gal tax, I guess they could cut back on the taxes to give the consumer some relief...NOT!

    Still believe it will follow the seasonal trend and drop by August. Don't take that to the bank though, I'm no expert.

    My "Blue" is gaining experience....
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    I thought we Northern Californians paid high gas prices, but $4.28 per gallon in the Netherlands is a wake up. Most of the gas stations around here are charging $1.80-$2.00 per gallon! And just like the '70's, the low price stations are jamed with cars lining up into the street and causing traffic jams.
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    42 gallon tank, lol. If you own a suburban or the like (i.e. non-yellow school bus with off road capabilities) and you complain about gas prices then you bought over your head IMHO
    Now if you are in the trucking buisness or your work requires something huge then that is different.
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    Even if you are not in the trucking business the high price of gas will trickle its way down to all of us. Higher gas prices mean shipping costs are higher, goods and food goes up, we all pay for it. I even heared that trucking companies won't drive up to Maine to haul the patato crops because it cost too much. I know I can't live without an occational french fry.
    BTW, did you know french fries are the #1 source of vitamin C in America? See where I'm going with this....
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    Ok Mike, where are you getting your gas? I live on the W side of Houston. I have a Shell card, but with these prices, I may have to try other things.

    Gas has been cheap until about the last month or so.

    James Hromadka
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    James...Shamrock at Keith Harrow and HWY6...$1.49 yesterday, but is usually a lot lower than Shell and Exxon etc. The Shamrock off the Addicks Dam on HWY 6 around THE DAM ICE HOUSE is usually cheap also. Don't let the brand throw you...I've seen a COASTAL truck pull into Shamrock and fill it up, then pull across the street to Shell and fill it up...

    Shell was charging .15/gal more for the same gas

    "It's NOT a tumor!"
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    I read this thread thinking someone was giving away gasoline -- I'm disappointed that it was merely a spelling error!
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    Personally, I see nothing wrong at all with gas prices. Probably a bit too low.

    I'm not a hippy or an environmentalist, but I hate seeing faucets running, and I hate wasteful people. SUVs **** me off for gas mileage plus the people who drive them think they're invincible.

    If you think about it, in Ohio gas prices were about 1.00 back in 95. If we had gone up 7 cents a year, no one would have complained. That would be roughly a little over a cent every 2 months. No one would be complaining right now, but the fact they were stuck at 1.00 for many years then all of a sudden jumped up, everyone's crying and are in "financial distress." GIve me a break.

    Other countries pay out the arse for gas and have better public transportation than we could ever imagine. If high gas prices get better bus support, so be it (Hey, I want to go downtown, get loaded, and have a cheap way home . If it stops people from buying damned SUVs, good.. I'm all for it.

    Enough of my rant. We have it pretty good in the US, and 1.50 isn't that bad if you drive any vehicle that gets over 25mpg (still kinda low).
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    I hate SUVs more for the people that buy them and drive around like it's a sports car, or people that are duped into buying one because it's "safer." Don't they realize that if they had to stop quickly, all that weight takes longer to stop?

    James Hromadka
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    You people need to check out They are in the process of providing a "name your GAS price" service.

    You get a gas card that is good for one month. You pay ahead of time for the gas. If you pay $1.25 for a gallon of gas, you are guaranteed that price at certain gas stations for one month.

    What if the gas drops below what you paid?? You just don't use your gas card, because unused gas is credited to you at the end of the month.

    It sounds too go to be true. Supposedly, the gas stations are willing to make less $$ on gas based on the fact that they expect you to buy a Snickers bar or a Coke (where the profit margins are higher). I'm not a spokesman for priceline, I'm just a Visor user who wanted to forward this info to you all.
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    Man... in Nov. '98 it was $0.79 per gallon here (little town called Alvin, Texas... southeast of houston) Now its ~$1.40... (ouch...)
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    $1.93 for Premium in the Portland, OR area. I'll bet the prices come back down, but don't you guys see it starting? The US is one of the few (only?) countries with a true middle class and it's going away. Keep watching...

    And the story is always the same -- the "haves" don't like the "have nots", and try to come up with lots of justifiable reasons for this dislike.

    Mark N.
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