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    For Christmas (yes christmas)i was told that i could order a visor. I got a C in my english grade so my dad told me that i couldnt get one until i got my grade up. It's not as easy as it sounds i suck at english in the first placeand i am in a honors class. I told my dad that it would help me keep track of my homework but he doesnt believe me. He thinks that i will play games instead of study buy i could come home and play black and white games on the visor or play the computer.

    What should I do???
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    Make a contract with your dad and prepare to keep it. Get the Visor and start entering your assignments in the calendar and/or ToDo feature. Print off the list and updated lists of completed and new entries so dad can track your diligence. If your grades DO improve, you can wave the documentation in his face......and you can download the games later. If you screw up, dad has a nice new toy.
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    Tell your dad that you really think it would help you grow as a person if he bought you a Visor. Plus you could use the calculator to help him with the home finances.
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    How about getting a tutor, getting the grade up, and then getting the Visor? Then, once you have the Visor, you can demonstrate how the Visor is helping you keep your grades up.

    oh well, nothing ever changes, does it?
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    First of all...tell yourself that you are badass in english class. If you tell yourself that you suck, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you really want the Visor, you would do everything you can to get one. No, don't steal. Be desperate to get one.

    An alternative is to sell something and get it yourself...and just let your dad use a check or credit card to get one.

    "push limits"

    "make it happen"
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    In order to get your grades up faster, use either Outlook or the Palm Desktop on your home PC to help you manage these things.

    Once your grades start to improve, show your dad how you are doing it on the computer.

    When you get your grades up, you will already be in the swing of managing things electronically and the visor will help further, since you will have it with you during the day.

    I have a visor and think it's great, but you could start with a used or refurbished Palm Personal, Professional, 5000, III, etc. They might be quite a bit cheaper to start with. You might even convince Dad to get that for you know and the Visor after you've proven that you can get your grades up and keep them up over a long period of time.
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by tayl0rl:
    [B]I got a C in my english grade . . . i am in a honors class.

    First, start looking for a new school. How can you stay in Honors Classes with a "C"? It hasn't been that long since I was in high school, and I don't remember anyone with a C being in honors classes.

    Second, are you currently using a paper planner? These cost MUCH less, and would get you in the habbit of using a planner. This would also help show you dad you just didn't want a $250 Gameboy.
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    It's a good place for someone to ask a question and receive some help. I don't recall seeing any hard set rules about not being able to ask for advice on a personal you?

    This is a good relaxed atmosphere to receive helpful information, advice, and even get a good laugh in.

    So calm down, get out of your ALL-CAPS mood, and enjoy the site for what it was meant to be...for people with similar interests to enjoy the company of others around the world.

    So come on, give me your best Bruce Springstein or Michael Jackson impression and join me....."We are the world....we are the children..."
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    turn on your troll detectors guys

    we are the world...

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    msape has a point to a degree. This topic is probably more suited for the "Off-Topic" forum than "General Visor".
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    hey, this topic IS in 'off-topic' and not in 'general visor' ....

    I guess the moderator agreed with PDAENVY....

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    Well, here in NJ the high school isn't much better. You can wave into any honors course you like, whatever your grade, as long as you have a note from your parents. Pretty pathetic. A C isn't that bad, and don't you get points added to your grade for being in an honors class? I'd just take the advice of someone thats already posted, any of those ideas would work. Of course your other alternative is getting a job and buying it yourself, if you really want it. Well, that depends on what grade you're in, I guess. Anyway, good luck!
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    Let's be honest. Will the Visor helps anyone's grade to improve? I don't think so. Hit the book. When your grade improves, may be get a Visor. But I think putting $250 in a mutual fund is probably a better idea.
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    I'm not at all surprised you got a C in English -- you seem to know nothing about punctuation, capitalization, run-on sentences and so forth. Better to study grammer than worry about whether or not to get a Visor!
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    Forget your dad. What you need is CASH to buy what ever you want and he can't do anything about it. Either get a job or rob the local 7-11 store.(This is a joke)
    I'm sure your dad knows what he's doing. Take my advice: Listen to him. Work out a goal you both agree on and do it. You will have your Visor before you know it. Parents are pushovers if they think you are at least trying to make them happy.
    BTW, pay no attention to the SherylKing post above. No matter where you go and how old you get, there will always be a "Grammer Nazi" just waiting to correct you. These people need professional help to stop this obsessive impulse to make you feel stupid.

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    Well, I think I fall somewhere in between SherylKing and VisorFreak on the grammar issue (note the spelling, 'grammer' is someone married to 'grammpa' ). It's true: there are those who use a knowledge of English usage and pronunciation as a sop for their own fragile egos. However, those who champion the need for rules of usage and who encourage others to apply them have a good point.

    Grammar, punctuation, usage... all these elements of language are a protocol, like TCP/IP. When everyone understands and uses the rules, communication is easy. Fortunately, humans are smarter than machines; we can adapt to variances in the protocol, even make changes intentionally to drive home a point, etc.

    But the present idea that "standards don't matter" and "WTF does it matter u cn understand me yah" undermine the universality of our common language. Sure, most people can pick meaning out of ambiguous, ungrammatical messages... but that a) makes the 'reciever' work harder to understand the message and b) gives them a lot more room to misinterpret the message in ways detrimental to the actual meaning of the message.

    In short, bashing folks when they misplace a comma (I'm sure I've made mistakes in this post; I've made them before and will all my life) is pointless and petty. But decrying those who champion the need for standards is just as petty and juvenile.

    In this case, I think Sheryl makes a good point, albeit rather bluntly: if tayl0rl is serious about bringing his English grade up, why not practice it here? English is an everyday life skill, and practicing its use is not just a classroom excercise, it's a necessary life skill that should be used in life.

    Lots of noise is made in the present about 'having a voice' and 'people need to express themselves.' Fair enough, and noble sentiments all. But to make those ideals workable, we have to uphold at least a minimum standard of commonality in our language. Without that, we can all say anything we want... but there will be no one willing (or, possibly, able) to hear.

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    Way to go Jim Foster... That was...moving. Seriously though, you're absolutely correct. I could not have said it better myself.
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    I couldn't have said it at all

    The Infamous d00bious
    commin at 'cha like drunk driver
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