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    Is anyone here a member of Mensa?
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    Who cares? That is just a presigious organization for intelligent underachievers. Your happiness and what you achieve in life are much more important than a silly test. And no, I haven't ever taken the test. I know a Mensa board member of the local region and I can honestly say that she did not come close to overwhelming me with her intelligence. Through no means, but the fact that she told me that she was a member would I have ever guessed. I know VPs and high level people and none of them ever told me that they were from Mensa. Maybe you should start a Mensa Visor Board.
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    Gee Bodhizafa I think Marfu cares. I think you're right about happiness and what you achieve in life as being important, but you can't truly be happy tearing other people apart for their life choices- what next Gay Visor Board, AA Visor Board, Republican Visor Board, Democrat Visor Board, Attitude Challenged Miscreant Visor Board? My dad is a member of Mensa(He, like me is a business owner) and he likes it. I am not and I like that. You don't have to like it. You don't have to be civil in these postings either, but what do you actually gain by being uncivil? If I was a therapist I would probably suggest to you that you might want to examine yourself and find where this deep seated animosity to Mensa members comes from, but I'm not so I'll just remind you that we try to keep anger where it belongs- out of these postings.
    ("How to win friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie- try it you might like it)
    Michael Walters
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    The most obvious signs of intelligence -- at least on a board like this -- is a lack of spelling and/or grammatical mistakes. Hmmm....
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    Don't happy!

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    We all bought Visors - that's proof we're smart! PS: I be there's a Mensa board out there with the question posted - "Do any of you have a Visor?"
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    Excuze me, **** what ist minsa?
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    Originally posted by Marfu:
    Is anyone here a member of Mensa?
    To answer your original question: NO
    (I know this was obvious, but I just wanted to let you know)
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    There's a Mensa board? Ack! I was all set to buy the Six-Pac, but maybe a Mensa board would be better... would it turn my Visor into a portable AI, I wonder?

    (Sorry, couldn't resist a bit of silliness. If you really want to find more, drop by And no, I'm not a member; it's for smart people, not smart asses... )

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