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    Has anyone else heard of this little thing? It's a PDA with a linux OS. Full color screen with alot of goodies. Check it out at
    Looks intriguing (sp?).

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    wow, im in love. how do i get my hands on one. hehe. a 206 mhz processor. hehe. does it really need that.
    any idea on how much the thing costs and when it will be released?
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    "A kind of Casio E-100 (but it seems thinner)
    running Linux as native OS allready with MP3, FM Radio (!), Audio recording, MPEG movie player, CFII/CF+ connector, TFT 65536 colors LCD, game pad, RS232, IrDA, USB, 3D Sound Stereo, etc. build-in. It uses a ARM CPU."
    A quote from a discussion on it from cnet. I think the URL for the thread was:

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    Oh my god, I am in love. When does this baby come out? Maybe I can make a Yopycentral website...hehe. I want one, and i want it bad. If it is priced under $700 it is as good as mine. I hope they choose to release it in the us so bad!

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