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    On this the cusp of a new century while we are speculating on the new enterprise of handheld computers, we should take a moment to reflect on the things of our past. Remember to not take things for granted, because one day they won't drop by our door step everyday.

    Goodbye, Charlie Brown. Stay cool, Snoopy. Lucy, we thought you would solve all the world's problems for a nickel. Linus, I think it's time you gave up that blanket. I think Mr. Schulz needs it now.

    MB <><

    P.S. - I wish I could have seen him kick that football just once. And maybe kiss that little red-headed girl.

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    Yeah, I was trying to find a link to the last one that Shulz posted today.

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    I read that the Sunday edition will run Peanuts until Feb. 13th. So maybe I will get to see Charlie kick that football after all!

    MB <><

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    I've been reading Peanuts since maybe 3rd or 4th grade. Charlie Brown and the gang will be greatly missed. You're a good man, Charlie Schultz!
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    Charlie, we wish you a truly found farewell.

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