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    Hey, my friend saw me screwing around with my Visor. And instantly fell in love with it/ His birthday is coming up and he is not really my best friend. So i dont want to spend all to much money on him. So what is the cheapest PDA out there. It does not need to be Palm compatible.
    It nedds to:
    -Sync with PC
    -Some sort of graffiti or keyboard
    -at least 1 mb of
    -Basic applications that came with palm professional
    That is all the requirements i can think of. SO please help me find the cheapest out there. My other friend said he saw one at fred meyer for $75 and it looked like a palm. I think he was full of it though.
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    Well, the cheapest that I know of is the daVinci which is available at Costco for $89 which includes a folding keyboard. But in this case you are getting much less than what you paid for. The current product Royal is selling is pure #$%!&*. I had one for 4 days and it couldn't do anything right. If you don't want to take my word then check out and look at the discussion forums.

    Next, there is the OSPRO Elite which you can get for $99. So far the reports are so-so to good for this product. It's not Palm compatable but it is beam compatable so you can send address book entries to or from Palm OS handhelds. Comes with 2meg ram. Screen size is larger than palm and there is no dedicated handwriting area so there is much more usable space. Support is apparantly poor to non-existant. I don't think they've released an SDK so there are currently no 3rd party apps. Check out the forums at for news and reviews - you can buy it there also.

    That's all I know about the cheapies. Stay away from daVinci at all costs, give OSPRO a shot if you're brave.
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    I saw a Casio, I don't know the model number, at Kmart for $99.


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    I have the old model davinci, that was a nice litle machine (better than the new model I've been told..) untill 3com sue-ed royal and they were banned...

    It does not have a IRport and uses it's own OS with little apps....

    But for tha basic functionality it was OK

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