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    I need some html help. In netscape (am maybe in IE too) there is space left at the bottom of my images inside of my table. Cellspacing and cellpadding is set to zero and all borders or 0. Please help!

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    Can you be even more off topic?
    Create an extra column and extra row, fill the cells with 1xN clear gif's. Where N is the the width of each cell below if its the row, where N is the height of the Cells to the left or right if its the column.
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    Make sure your table data close tag is on the same line as your image tag. Don't separate them with a carriage return. Sounds dumb, but I code a lot of HTML, and CRs after an image can cause unsightly problems.

    It should read:
    <td><img ...></td>

    instead of:
    <img ...>

    Mark N.

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