NOT A LAME pyramid thing or anything like that!

I found a couple of cool sites that are actually giving away cash money for a sign up--no obligation required and no advertising BS like all-advantage etc. It's literally about 5 minutes for $30. No waiting for the credit!

Both sites are offering free electronic transfers/payments basically. The $20 site gives you a free checking account--I think they want to make money off of investments. The other site just wants to make money off of the lag time between a transfer and a cash-out. It is underwritten by Deutsche Bank and Nokia so I'd say it is a bit respectable.

With either site you can cash out and quit whenever you want.

So here I am, giving away free money out of the goodness of my heart! (Well, not really. I get some cash when you join...and you can get $$$ too by signing people up. There isn't any pyramid involved...just the first leg gets you some cash. Plus, you get the first $30 for free!)

If you want the free $$$ though you should SIGN UP NOW! I'm guessing that these promos will NOT be here for long...they are just too good! You can earn $2000 with these deals.

Click for $10!

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Sorry if you don't like this message...I don't like spam so that is why I labeled this and posted in off-topic. It is such a good deal that I thought that there would probably be folks in the VisorCentral community interested in this though. If you have a problem with it please let me know...I just know most people would like $30 for free.