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    Is it just me or is anyone else suffering from Graffitis?

    You know. It's when you're trying to write with pen and paper and you notice that your handwriting comes out in Graffiti scrawl.

    I didn't even realize it was happening at first and then noticed that my 'f's were not crossed and my 't's looked like 7's. 'K's are also a big problem.

    Anyone else notice this? Maybe we should start a class action suite ala Opti-Grab.

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    I have noticed a couple of threads here at VC where other people have admitted to suffering from this affliction over the last couple of months.

    For me, it has been E's, which no one seems to notice, since there are people that write like that anyway. Also, I used to write 8's like two little circles, one on top of the other, in the proper military way (anyone who was a lowly E-4 left to do all the RTO work can sympathize). Now they all look like Graffiti 8's. Again, no one else noitces.............but I do.

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    I normally print anyway, so I just use TealScript to change the characters to be more inline with my natural writing.

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