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    So what are you going to be doing for the New Year? I will be at work from 6p-6a on the 1st.

    James Hromadka
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    Well, I was wondering. But now that I see that I can send e-mail to, I KNOW what I'll be doing (and doing, and doing, and...)
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    Stoping, Ducking, and Covering
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    For Y2K, I'll bring in every computer in the house, turn them all on (lots of computers) in the living room, bring in all four TV sets, tune them to different new years countdowns (and prey that I don't overload the circuts...) and watch to see if any of the computers crash (especially my loved Mac 128k)

    Don't expect any messages from me near the first of the year - there might not be much power...

    Signing off,

    C. Russell

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    Aren't Macs good to like 10000+? Remember the HAL commercial from the Superbowl?

    James Hromadka
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    I shall be at work waiting for our systems to blow up...

    The company is throwing a new years party to entertain us until the real fun begins...

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    I'll be on stand-by all weekend...

    At least I don't have to be in the office all night....
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    Ahh, Y2K:

    1. I will backup.
    2. I will then lock the doors to the server room and take the keys.
    3. I will turn off my off-hours call forwarding (sends all messages to my cell phone)
    4. I will leave my pager in my desk at work.
    5. I will then party like its... well you get the idea.
    6. I will deal with it on Monday.. maybe.
    7. And If EU's get huffy...

    I'll blame it on microsoft.

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    I somehow managed to avoid being on-call for our systems, so I will be "leaving town" friday night. Even if I don't go anywhere (hehe) my girlfriend has instructions to say that I am out of town, or dead, or something that will allow me no responsibility.

    I too will "forget" my pager at work probably. I have to be careful because last time I did that I forgot to turn it off and my manager could hear it all day
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    LOL, Good Point...
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    [read with a Texan accent - since I'm from Texas]Well I reckon I'm just gonna get me a rockin' char an' sit out on the front porch polishin' my Winchester in case any a' them crooks come `round tryin' ta get some loot. Even if I did use 911 (which I don't), it ain't gonna be workin' come new years. I done already shot me a coupla deer and made jerky out a' the meat, so I got plenty to keep me an' the wife fed. We got a well out back, so that'll keep us from gettin' thirsty like.

    Okay, seriously, my brother and his wife are coming down to Austin to visit us, and we're just going to hang out at our place - watch some movies, cook some good food, and chat. There may be something fun (other than a huge party that you have to pay $100 to get in to) going on downtown.

    And just to add my .02 (well, since I'm a Systems Administrator, maybe it's worth at least .50 on this issue), I believe we'll cross over into the new year with relatively few problems. I think that most of the problems, if any, will be from people - not computers.
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    I'm from TX too (Houston), and I know what you mean about people with guns. I'm more worried about those people than anything else. Of course, my building will have armed guards (!)

    Lift a pint/keg/stein/chaser/alloftheabove for me!

    James Hromadka
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    Yep. This deep south Texan backwoods culture can be kinda scary. It seems to be a mixture of technophobia and outdated common law. Even in technologically sohpisticated Austin - a.k.a. Silicon Valley II - there are people like this.
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    Hey Tex!
    Is the Alamo Y2K compliant?

    Saw a cartoon with 2 superheros sitting at a bar. One saying "Me? Heck no, I'm not flying on New Year's either."

    I've done power plant design, you should have electric (tripping your own breakers not withstanding) unless there's a not too funny prankster on duty...
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    Well, it looks like the Texas contingent is checking in. I live in San Antonio, so I thought I would save ChrisB and JH a trip and checked out the Alamo myself.

    I have it on the best authority that the Alamo is completely Y2K compliant, and the Texas Department of Parks and Recreation see no problems with people remembering it well into the next millennium. Evidently things weren't so smooth with the Y1K conversion, though.

    It seems that the Alamo is constructed from MUD (multi-user dirt) in program blocks called "bricks". They were assembled in cooperation with a company called "Adobe", but I didn't see a single laser printer the whole time I was there. Evidently, this MUD was only encoded with a 3-digit date field, and there were concerns that when the year went from 999 to 1000, the old dirt would not be able to interface with the new dirt, causing the bricks to loose cohesion and fall to the ground. However, the new year came and went, and there were no reports of building collapses, except some in northern Europe by the Saxons and Normans, but I have been assured that this was a separate issue and wholly unrelated to date formatting.

    The Alamo, being sturdily constructed several hundred years later out of 4-digit-year compliant dirt, will remain solidly in place until December 31st, 9999, at which time it will explode.

    I also heard rumors of Y0K problems, with documented earthquakes and floods, when the calendars had to stop counting down and start counting the years up as positive numbers. These rumors have mainly been associated with a SysAdmin named "Jesus" who was trying to update user manuals and FAQs to the latest version when some of the end-users who had taken one or two programming classes back in college thought they knew more than he did and tried to get him fired.

    [This message has been edited by Soul Raven (edited 12-15-1999).]
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    I can personally verify that Soul Raven has not been taking his Zoloft/Prozac cocktails lately. I will be spending the New Years keeping the "bad men" away from him.
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    I am saddened and disappointed by your response. I thought we had known each other long enough that you wouldn't resort to such slanderous lies......

    It's Thorazine and Haldol, not Zoloft and Prozac. How am I going to function if you don't even know my dosages? :-P
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    Well, today I found out my comp time for working Y2K. A whopping 2 days off. Wow.
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    Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I don't think it quite makes up for it.

    Then again, if things go as the doomsdayers are saying it will, you'll have more than 2 days off. It'll be an adventure!

    Actually, there's a guy here at work who went with another guy at work to a gun store. Other Guy's wife owns a small chrome plated pistol, and wanted a cleaning kit for it (I'm in Texas), and he said that while they were there, they saw a LOT of people buying guns, and talking about Y2K. Seriously (I'm really in Texas). This is precisely what scares me about Y2K. I'm not scared of computer glitches. I'm scared of people glitches. I'm definitely planning on staying home for New Year's. I wish I had a friend who had a nice house out in the Hill Country away from the city.

    Lets all us Texans get a carpool together and amscray!
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    So....are all of us Visor people from Texas?? I live outside of San Antonio. I am also planning on being at home for the first Y2K day. I am not expecting any problems at all, but I have a few preparations to make, just in case. Being a parent forces me to think "What if????". Merry Christmas Ya'll!
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