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    Just the Visor owners that are afraid of their neighbors during the Y2K rollover

    James Hromadka
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    ChrisB -- Right there with you, dude. If I was staying in San Antonio, I would invite you out. I have a cousin that also lives in SA that has about 10 acres just north of Bandera, and they are spending a week or so out there.

    As it is, since I am just a lowly contractor, I have no ties here, so I am taking the week before and after off, and going home for an impromptu high school reunion. I will welcome the New Year with a few close friends and our lovely wives in a cozy cabin above 8500 ft. in the Rockies. The only computer within 200 miles will the the fuel injection on my truck, and Chevy assures me that it doesn't keep track of any dates, let alone what year it is.
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    NO!!!! Soul Raven, you torment me! I would LOVE to be in the Rockies during New Years. The Hill Country doesn't quite do it for me. Sigh. I hope the Rockies are Y2K compliant. Then again, if they aren't, they'll just revert back to the state they were in back in 1900, but that's no big deal. Wait a minute. Who's to say they'll revert back to their 1900 state? Why would they even know about "19?" I think they'll revert back to plain "00" now that I think about it. That's bad. I don't think they were there in "00". It took tectonic or volcanic activity to get them there. I think you're in trouble.

    James - you realize you're toast too, since you live in Houston close to all of those petrolium and chemical plants. I mean you KNOW they're gonna blow don't you?

    Sari - it looks like you and I are the only safe ones here. Been nice knowing the rest of you! (by the way, James, what happened to the smileys in the messages? They seem to be broken - at least the winking one.)

    Speaking of parenting, I heard that some organization is going to give $1 million to the mother of the first baby born in 2000. I wonder how that's going to work. I mean - it's going to be 2000 in New York before it's 2000 here in Texas.

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    Well, I am certainly no geologist, and now you have made me feel bad, because I really *don't* know if they were there in 0 and I grew up there, one would think that I would know when the landscape was formed. Although I do remember a 4th grade field trip to the Natural History Museum where they had a Bristlecone pine tree that, when it finally died, they counted more than 2,000 rings. It was supposed to have started growing around 50 B.C., so I am guessing that if the tree was there, the mountain was too.

    And I have to comment on the birth thing, since I have no faith in mankind whatsoever. Can you imagine all of the couples out there talking the doctors into inducing labor early, just so they can get the money? Some poor baby is going to be born 3 weeks premature, just so their parents can cash in, and they probably won't even be the ones to get the money, so now they are stuck with the increased cost of the NICU and all the health problems that come with being a premmie (sp?). Wake up, people!

    Kether, where's the Haldol!? I'm runnin' dry here, bud!

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    Try this:

    ChrisB, As long as they aren't Shell, I'm ok with it

    James Hromadka
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    I'll be at work, eating Chinese food with co-workers and playing IR Checkers with my girlfriend (she works at my company) through our Visors. And if all goes to hell, Visor will still work so who cares?

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    OK, well just to make everyone jealous, my company has decided to give us from Dec. 23 through Jan. 3 off from work. Of course most of the people I know at Intel are getting even more time off than that. So whatever I'm doing on Y2K, I'll be doing it nowhere near work!
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    Thank you so much for bringing up such a painful topic. While you're at it, why don't you just give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice all over it!

    Know what that movie is? Anyone? Anyone?

    The last company I worked for did something very much like that. We shut down between Christmas and New Year's. It was a game company, and didn't have the big corporate mindset of squeezing as much out of it's employees as it possibly could. It was bliss. But now I'm working for a corporate type company. We get the 24th and 27th off, and then probably the 31st off. Sigh.
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    I used to know that name of that movie until the king's stinking son fired me.......

    I noticed on the thread about broken screens, someone commented that his Visor was Peril-sensitive, and then had the nerve to suggest that was an "obscure" reference? I mean, really! The Visor is about the froopiest PDA I have seen!
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    Now you're a frood who knows where his towel is!
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    I will be on the beach on Maui.

    When civilization comes screeching to a halt at least the family and I will be in paradise! ;-)


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    Seems to be a lot of TX users on this forum... wow. I'll throw my name into the pot, and I *do* live in the Hill Country...

    No! Don't come! It's not what the pathetic advertising brochures say! I'll trade you, even! It's a backwards, stone-age place, I tell you... school district first heard of a "computer network larger than one room" just a year ago. Scarey eh? You'll have to put up with a speed limit of 18 MPH (yes, yes, the signs say 30, but it's the elderly blocking the road that force you to drop a few gears). If you want net access you'll have to settle for a monopolistic telephone company (that's assuming THEY are Y2K compliant) and if you've become accustomed to ASDL, there'll be a $200 installation charge. (Did I say monopolistic?) Anyway... save yourselves! I'll be busy fighting off people chanting "Y2K, Y2K... Hey! That PC didn't explode! KILL IT!! KILL IT!"

    If you don't hear back from me after Jan. 1, then they will have succeeded and my effort will be in vain. *tosses message into bottle and floats it down the river* Oh how I hope someone gets this.

    - William
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    Well, with all the Texans postin' I figured I couldn't be left out. I'm out in West Texas (Midland), and my plans for the turn of the year are to be telling my wife:

    Hee-Hee-Hoo; Hee-Hee-Hoo; Hee-Hee-Hoo. Come on sweety, you've got 20 minutes until midnight! PUSH!

    Yep, my wife is due Jan. 1 2000! Here's to hoping this baby will 'make' me money, instead of set me back...yeah, right!

    Honestly, I'm as excited as can be, whether or not _she_ comes with a prize.

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    Congratulations Tyler! Here's also hoping that the electricity stays on! (I'm sure it will)
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    Hey all y'all. I'm a transplanted Texan living in New York. don't feel bad for me though I live on a chunk of God's finest (136 acres on a dead end road with only one neighbor on other end of road.) We'll (my wife and three boys) be at home watching the wildlife, snuggled up next to the woodstove and drinking hot cocoa. If we get bored we'll have a bonfire. If we lose power, we'll do what we did two years ago and use candles. And play galax on my Visor. Happy New Years!
    PS Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tyler!

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    I figure that if any place will have power it'll be the hospital, but I'm not too stressed since folks have had "unplugged" babies for the last several thousand years.

    Six days and counting 'til D day (Due day!)! My wife sure is ready!

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    I'll be in Mission Beach, CA at a really nice restaurant far, far away from my comp if it explodes.

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    Well, here it is New Years Eve, and I am NOT coaching my wife through labor as anticipated. Instead, my wife is asleep catching up on her rest as a result of giving birth yesterday!

    I'm the proud daddy of a second daughter! All is well with Mom and Baby.

    Blessed of God with two Wonderful Daughters,

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    Congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your child!

    Happy New Year!

    -- Michael
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    Well, I made it through. I am here at work trying to stay awake until I get off at 6a CST. Nothing happened, but at least I got a good dinner (shrimp cocktail & prime rib).

    Happy New Year everyone!

    James Hromadka
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