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    Hi, I just finished reading the censorship thread. James- this is not about that particular subject, but if I'm commiting some kind of protocol gaffe' its out of ignorance as I'm pretty new to this all.
    Ragamuffin had posted:
    People have often remarked that the Internet is a democratically "governed" space.With regard to private discussion boards, this notion is wrong. I think the record shows that once you participate on discussion boards that resides on somoene's private property, you're no longer in a "democracy" but in a "dictatorship." We might not like it, but that's how it goes.

    Democracies don't work. Check out what our Founding Fathers say about Democracies (one of them says something about "Mob Rules")We have a Free Market in a Republic (Check out the Pledge of Allegiance). In a dictatorship you have NO choice at all. Here you can choose to participate or not. When the folks here at Visor Central decided to start this forum, they invested their own time and money into it. They have the right and responsibility to guide as their policies dictate. If their policies say that all users must include two smiley faces in each message and you don't want to, then they have they right and responsibilty to either remove your post or to edit it. If you don't like the way the forum is run you have the freedom to not participate here (if enough people don't like it the site will wither away) and start your own. That, my friends, is the true "power" of the internet.
    By the way, this is just my opinion, so if this clashes with anyones beliefs strongly enough to make you want to flame me, I must warn you that I am a sensitive soul and I'll probably curl up into a fetal ball under my desk for a week to lick my psychic wounds if you're mean to me.
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    Shouldn't this go into the Off Topic forum?

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