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    I have had AOL and Fastnet (the isp) for a long time. I just upgraded to AOL like a month ago [5.0] and about 10 hours ago it started acting wierd. First when i connect to fastnet it says that somthing is not configured right,. second when i finally do get that to work (calling tech support) AOL says that my ISP is not working and i can not even get any webpages through IE. So i just uninstalled AOL and played around with the stuff in network in control panels and in dialupadapters and stuff like that. i finally got it to work. Well i go IE to work but i am afraid if i install aol again it will screw up everything

    Greg Moore
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    Greg: yes, aol 5.0 has a rather nasty habit of screwing with your other dialup adapters that you would use to connect to a Non-AOL ISP. I can't remember the exact fix, but I finally had to go look it up in's knowledgebase after enough customers had called in complaining. Search for "AOL 5.0" and "DUN".

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