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    Desmond Llewelyn, the famous actor that played "Q" in all but two of the James Bond movies, died Sunday in an auto accident. He will be greatly missed.

    It is ironic that I finally saw The World is Not Enough the same day that Llewelyn died. I hope that John Cleese can bring the same dry wit and class that Llewelyn brought to the Bond series.


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    This is indeed sad news. I don't think that there is a single gadget-freak among who hasn't daydreamed about Q being in charge of filling our stocking on Christmas day, even if they did use a Jornada in the last movie.

    I found it interesting in one of the interviews the entertainment shows did for The World is Not Enough, Mr. Llewelyn commented that countless people have talked to him, asking for opinions on their new technical gadgets, and he had to politelly remind tham that he was an actor, not a scientist.

    Here's a pint for you, Desmond!
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    Yeah, it's a shame that he's passed away. It's a shame that someone can be alive and healthy at age 85 and then die in an accident. I hope I'm that active when I'm 85. Well, he'll be missed. Bond movies won't be quite the same without Q giving 007 his new gadget.
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    I think I can say for everyone who like gadgets that we will miss 'Q' very much....

    The part where Q showed 007 the gadgets was always my favorite part of bond movies...

    Rest in Peace Desmond.
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    Oh no! I was just thinking about him about a week ago, and thinking how sad we'll all be when he dies. I was thinking about how DeForest Kelley died earlier this year, and about how that's the first celebrety death that I heard of that ever made me at all sad. And now I'm saddened about this. He will be missed.
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    I just saw 'the world is not enough' last night and immediately thought it was quite a coincidense that Q was going to retire and Desmond Llewelyn had a car crash...

    Maybe I'm just paranoia or did I see 'You only live twice' too many times....

    Anyway it's a real loss to the James Bond scene to lose Q.
    I like John Cleese a lot but it was kind of strange to see him as the replacement of Q.

    my condolenses to the Llewelyn-family
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    Thanks for the post James. I don't watch the news and none of the Avantgo channels I subscribe to mentioned it. He was a real treasure, and I looked forward to his scenes also. It was a bit much too expect him too last forever though. We might see a digital Desmond in the future though.
    I'll say a prayer for his loved ones.

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