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    Life isn't a spelling bee, but marketing departments should at least have computers or personnel equipped with spell checkers.
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    Hear hear. I get sick to death of seeing spelling errors in the media. It looks unprofessional and uneducated. I get a lot of ads in my hotmail account (many of them for bogus money making scams) with spelling errors in them, which I immediately dismiss because they lose credibility in my mind if they can't even seem to spell anything right.

    Same for the kind of errors you're talking about: You're/your, their/they're/there, its/it's, etc. It's amazing how many people have such a poor command of the written English language.

    <turns his nose up in snobbish disgust>

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    The thing I hate seeing the most is when people use loose instead of lose. I just want to smack 'em

    I'm always worried about typos in the articles/news/etc. that I write. I always appreciate it when someone lets me know about a broken link, etc.

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    And here I was, thinking it was just me. Of course, not even I can be trusted, as I just started a sentance with a contraction. <sigh>

    I suppose my biggest pet peeve is when people say that a point is "mute" instead of "moot". And I never learn (Crap! I did the contraction thing again). I have to mention everytime someone uses that incorrectly, even though I know that it leads to frustration on both sides.
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    I r3all-E h8 it win pEpl tIp lIk this. ThA-r trIing 2 B kewl, but itz just stoopid.
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    We should start an organization - Texan Visor Users against Bad Writing. TexVUBaW's unite!!!
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    Reminds me of one of my Dad's favorite sayings:

    Bad spellers of the world, UNTIE!!!!

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