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    Transmeta is a company funded by (among other people) Paul Allen, and employing (among other people) Linus Torvald. They're coming out with some new super secret processor called the Crusoe. On January 19th, they'll post all of the info on their site - If you look at the site, and view the source, you'll see a secret message that says "Crusoe will be cool hardware and software for mobile applications." The Visor is indeed a mobile app. I wonder.... Anyone know anything else about this?
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    The rumor was that their "super secret" Crusoe project is an Intel-compatible processor, along the lines of what AMD is doing, but somehow better (faster? cheaper? cooler?). But it was just a word in the wind, and no one seems to be saying much beyond that.


    Oops. Somehow posted before finishing...

    The rumor I mentioned above was from before their announcement (you call that an announcement?), and since then I've only heard/seen guesses as to what Crusoe is. My opinion (READ wish): it's a fancy tablet/communications device.

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