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    my HD is kinda working. It has been messed up for a while now, when i am useing the computer it makes random clicks and freezes up for about 2 secons after. sometime after lots of clicks it just freezes and i have to reboot. it does not click every time i use the computer put it does it often. This is an old computer. About 2 years. a 166Mhz 2.1GB hardrive 32MB RAM.

    Greg Moore
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    Is it a Seagate HD...on an acer computer???
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    seagate. We got this computer from a small company in Quakertown PA,
    the next computer we are going to get is going to be from a big company. we didn't even get a userguide for the computer (telling us whats in it and stuff like that)

    Greg Moore

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