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    I believe the 5MX is the PSION Revo (

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    Great thread! I'm not a student, but I'm an instructor and Systems Administrator at a small college. I've only used a Sharp Zarus for my 'pseudo-pda' before ordering my ice VDx on 9/16 (woohoo! it'll be here any day!) Being the admin of our network, I've actually thought about and sketched out plans (doubt they'd ever get done around here though), about having sync cradles in our public labs (library) for the students to sync files etc. I don't know how much it would get used, I haven't seen anyone in any of my classes using a pda or anything like it. But I guess I'm a little ahead of my time. Other instructors were cracking on me the other day at the faculty meeting because I've been implementing fingerprint scanners on some of our machines in a beta test environment (working well so far). They think it's a waste, but then I remember, they are the ones that get the bad evaluations from students, not me.

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    Howdy Zen,

    The 5mx is the successor to my Series 5. It's got a processor that's twice as fast (36Mhz, keeping in mind even the old one is more responsive than a 100Mhz CE device). It's got a slightly more readible screen (still greyscale). It's got better connectivity and, like Palm, uses the vCard standard for beaming contacts and such between devices (including Palms). Finally, it's got a single CF slot, 16MB of RAM (double the Series 5), an upgraded OS and more apps built-in.

    The Revo on the other hand is Psion's answer to the Palm market. While still a clamshell design with keyboard, it's got no CF slot, only 8MB of RAM, and some slimmed-down apps (although new apps are included). It's very small, and extremely 'chic' looking. It runs the same apps as the 5mx and is slightly cheaper. It's billed as a connected organizer, a la Palm, as opposed to a handheld PC like the 5mx is. My reasons for not going with it are that I want a departure from the clamshell design, I want something a litle more mainstream for business use (syncing agenda information and such with co-workers who already own Palms), and the pricetag of the Revo is for some reason rediculously high right now ($500 American).

    Head down to's along the same lines as VisorCentral, but for Psion devices.
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    I'm a college student too, and I'm tired of paper planners. I am looking forward to my first PDA, and hopefully I can purchase a keyboard from ThinkOutside when they become available. I think it would be perfect to use for note taking in class. Glad to see there are other students w/PDA's out there!
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    I'm an instructor at a community college too. I also work as a Sys Admin for a large corp. by day. I would be interested in knowing how that lab sync cradle idea works out for you. However, I too have not seen any of my students using PDA's in class. Just laptops.

    MB <><
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    MelonBoy, You're my kinda Prof. Wish there were more look-ahead guys like you out there.
    <update: I guess there are!>
    Sidenote: I keep comming back to the I-don't-type-well-enough-for-a-keyboard-at-the-desk issue. My thoughts are: 1) a CrossPad-ish device wired to (or not) a SpringBoard (w/extra mem?). 2) on-screen note taking software (I know some is out there--can you reccomend?). 3) (Dream) "True" handwriting recognition for either of these two options. Wadaya think?

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    elmorg, thanks for the comment. I wish other instructors thought the way I did too. Of the ideas you had, I like them all, but the 'Networkability' of them is questionable. I've actually looked into and tried to budget (without success) a write on board that has print capabilities. They've been around a while, but they're still kinda high. The main complaint I got from that was from the instructors not wanting to write everything on the board. (pinheads) Don't they know who pays their salaries? Oh well... Did anybody see the news on the site? They now have a server version of the sync software and cradles with network cables that plug directly into an RJ45 outlet or hub. I wonder when/if HS is going to bring something like that out?

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    Mr. Melon, actually I was thinking on-screen as in Visor screen (or the whole CrossPad at your desk thing) but now that you mention it, I have seen those e-white boards and the fold-up device that suction-cups to a standard white board.

    It seems that TRGPro might focus on server/networkability issues (speculation). We'll see.

    BTW: I made an A in A&P (a tough class) at S. West Texas State and the Prof. had a heavy Indian accent...BUT he wrote EVERYTHING on the board. The more communication channels you know the rest.
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    We just fired the only Indian professor we had. Students said his accent wasn't so bad, but when he told them that his 6th grader could do math better than them because they were stupid, well, I'll let you figure out why he's no longer on the payroll.

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    A math teacher friend of mine...I know we're getting off topic here...who is from India told me that when she was a kid, the teacher would smack their hands with a ruler if they couldn't give, or rightly give, an answer. So, involve all the senses AND threaten bodily injury: the surest way to accademic success

    BTW: please don't take this as Indian-bashing, She and my A&P Prof were two of my best teachers (and I hate students that whine when someone's accent makes them have to actually pay attention).

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    I'm a student at DeVRY in IL looking to buy a PDA for the 1st time. Any thoughts on the Visor v. TRG v. lower Pilot price changes? Is there a clear standout in the price/performance war or if CF or springboard will be more popular?
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    trg seems a bit pricey,a nd non useful from a student perspective; and as such i reccomend the visor personally.

    with the visor you can either look cool for 250$ and have more ram; or be cheap and get it for 150$

    and on a side note; check out the side thread descibing how to get a palm 3x for 140$. that is the only other reasonable plan of attack; uless you can afford a Vx

    Tom Alphin III - -

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    Scud, about the keyboard, just be careful about usability. I think the stowaway may not work too well in tight spaces, (like in an LT), the gotype is more suited for this purpose, I feel.

    Well, we'll have to wait and see then...

    Singapore Palm Users' Group ~
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    I'm a graduate student in Medicinal Chemistry at MCV in Richmond. So far, I've actually seen quite a few students with PDAs at school. They seem to be very popular.

    I just purchased a Blue Visor Demon from handspring's website last night after my Palm Pro finally died not too long ago. What pretty much sold me, as a student in chemistry, is the scientific calculator (vs. the cheesy +-*/ calculator of the Palm). You also have a lot of really great apps that you can get with the springboard modules, which I can see pretty much revolutionizing the PDA market (especially if more companies develop modules, and other PDA makers incorporate the standard in their machines).

    I'm surprised students haven't mentioned the Webster's Dictionary module (which I believe is on the way for around $39). This would be well worth the price. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a Merck Index or CRC as a springboard as well.

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    I am a grad student in ChE at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide to the AU guy towards the top of the thread). I got my VDx late last week. I have been using a Franklin organizer that is about the size of a long wallet, but I just couldn't fit all the info into it. Plus the Visor is my annual concession to technolust. I use it to keep track of lots of todo's . I don't have classes or homework, but I have a lot of meetings and the occasional class to teach. The 8 million small tedious items I would normally forget have actually gotten done since I recieved my VDx. So far the Date Book+ with todo's and Zap have been very useful. I use Zap when I'm in a boring seminar. I plan to download Wordlist for spelling. There are some useful Math Sci docs available at MemoWare for free like conversion tables, Calc functions, Trig functions, and so forth. I also think a CRC / Perry's module would be great. Something like Math Cad would be very nice so you could do complex formulas. Basically it would be nice if we could get every useful text book as a download or a module. It sure would make moving to a new apartment easier. I am test driving Pocket Money for tracking finances and it is nice.

    By the way, I have been trying the sportsuit by Marware as a case. I really like it. I like the neoprene which doesn't scratch like leather. I plan to waterproof the case. It has some basic pockets for storing things like blank checks. The case has a belt loop rather than a clip. It is still managable. Since I carry it on my belt it has been nicknamed the ultimate sidearm for computer geeks.


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    I am 16 years old, some of my friends younger than i already have pda's i am going to make good use of mine any parents out there dont think its a bad idea, it really helps
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    I'm a senior in highschool and I'm waiting for my VD patiently. Can't wait. ever since i saw the old tandy handheld (forgot the name) at the store i wanted one. When that and the newton messagepad came out i wanted a small computer so bad. I played with them at the store till some worker asked if i needed help (i was very young then). Well my first PDA will be great. Can't wait
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    I'm a junior in High School and got my first(and only handheld) my freshman year. I have a pilot 1000(i love old ones) and hae been using ever since. i am so into computers and carry my pilot every were with me. i bring it to he beach and school and any where i may roam. I think that the coolest app i have is Tiger Woods Golf. its great during school and i am loking for someone to code a new pilot assigment tracker. i have a landwar keyboard, a pilot modem and a printer cable. all this together, with a 2 meg synapse card upgrade is what i have and use. i code for pilots in code warrior but ia m looking for somethign else. does any one know of another cheap and esy programing enviorment?
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