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    I've got a USB scanner running under windows 95 and just bought a 250 MB USB zip drive. Brought it home to install it, the manual states that under windows 95 the USB Zip drive will not work with other USB devices except those made by Iomega! Their solution, upgrade to windows 98!! Why wasn't this stated on the outside of the box so I didn't waist my time buying it?

    I tried installing it anyway. I got the zip drive working but as soon as I plugged in my scanner my computer hung. This even happened if the ZIP drive was not connected to the USB port. I finnaly uninstalled it and got my scanner working again.

    I thought the point of a USB drive was a UNIVERSAL interface that was hot swapable. Hope other companies unlike Iomega try to follow the intent of the USB architecture.
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    i can't figure out what this scanner post has to do with the visor...
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    Guess its just sort of a heads up that not all USB connections are created equal. I've got a visor on order and now find out that the zip drive I bought will not allow me to use any other devices on my USB port while the zip software is installed?
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    You're one up on me, we tried getting USB Zips (100MB) working here with Win95b and no luck at all. Since 95a/95b is deployed to thousands here, applying a new USB patch is not really an option.

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    The reason some USB devices dont work in win95 is because win95 doesn't have native support for USB. When 95 came out USB's future was uncertain and so microsoft didn't write drivers or a programming interface for it. It was only with win98 that microsoft put in support for USB.

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