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    I was so excited to order my Handspring Visor on 9/29. And as the feelings of anticipation and overwhelming excitement began to fade with each call to Customer Support: the long waits, the mis-information, the csr input errors...

    I find myself very tired and worn out from the process... Perhaps it is a lesson in patience for me (one poster replied with humor, regarding my lack of patience and my user name)...

    But alas, once again this morning I called customer support (at a CSR suggestion on Friday) and once again was met with dismay. They still had my information wrong and the CSR said (and this is a quote verbatim) "I anticipate you -will- get your Visor by Christmas..."

    Over and over again I have gotten mixed responses from this company: "It has shipped", "Look for it this week", "Give it a week" (2 weeks later) "Look for it in a week", and so on and so on.

    And now I am reading about this mysterious memory failure, cracked CD's sent with cases, Synch cables not working, custom cases (ordered one first day of initial web store) taking 6 more weeks to arrive, double credit charges, wrong visors sent... and am exhaustibly overwhelmed...

    I see many with my same predicament dropping from the ranks to order a Palm III from VAmerica... I find myself browsing the web for a low price (laugh) on a Vx... I had my credit card out to order a V and an email ready to send to some guy in Washington to upgrade it to 8 meg, voiding the warranty once I got it...

    I keep giving myself time deadlines of when I should possibly cancel my order and go with the alternative...and I keep meeting those deadlines with a false sense of security that I am just being too impatient and to give it more time...

    Any suggestions on how to deal with it? Put my mind into other things and give it 3 more weeks to possibly pan out? Give in to the quick-fix and order the Palm?

    Anyone here dealing with this same mental drama or am I just a tad short of a full deck?

    It feels good to vent...


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    At times it feels like I am batting my head against a wall. After being mislead (aka: lied to) by a number of CSR's, been given hollow apologies - but no answers from HS staff members, discovered that some CSR's can't take down information correctly even when it is repeated correctly - twice, discovered that the database is only updated once a week, discovered that "priority" means "low", discovered that "escalation" means "down", and finally that there is no one at HS that I can talk to who can ACTUALLY DO anything to help me...
    Does it seem like I have no confidence in HS? They have shown me no reason to be confident. I have been abused and ignored, as a customer. If you slap me in the face and say "I'm sorry", and then slap me again, it is obvious that you're not REALLY sorry. This is how I have been treated by HS and its outsourced companies.
    The only hope is that SOME DAY I will have my Visor in hand and that the product will be so cool that I will forget the awful experience of trying to actually aquire the silly thing.
    Venting is good...especially since the delivery truck has come and gone today, with no Visor on board - again!
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    What is CSR????????????
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    CSR = Customer Service Representative

    Typically around here it refers to HS (Handspring) CSR and the CSR for the company they outsourced their customer service to.
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    Zen et al,

    I totally empathize with your situations and feelings. I decided that I needed to put a premium on the patience I was willing to muster for a Visor. After determining that premium, I decided the $30 to $100 more for buying a device via eBay was worth it. After some competitive bidding, I paid about $30 more than I would have via Handspring. What made the situation even better is that I was able to close the deal in person, eliminating shipping costs and problems.

    The moral of the story: there's more than one way to skin a cat. If you are tired of waiting (after being told 4 to 6 weeks, I was later told that this may increase to 8 or more), look at eBay and, even better, the forum on this site for exchanges.

    Keep the faith, and good luck.

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