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    THANK YOU!!!!

    I Just wanted to say THANKS to all our Veterans for serving and putting your lives on the line to maintain our freedoms, wheather they were police actions, peace keeping missions, or war.

    My son recently returned home from Germany after a 4 year stint in the Army and as a very proud Papa (He was Airborne), I realize more now, how important you all are to us. He came very close to serving in Kosovo. Fortunately he didn't, but he would have gone without question.

    So I just wanted to say Thanks to all you folks for what we enjoy today.
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    I'll second that Rez! Usually all people hear about is how mistreated our Veterans are and I want to apologize for that. Of anybody that should be held high in this country, it is you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. God Bless.


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