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    Just wonder, are any gals using PDAs?

    I'm thinking of a x'mas present for one. Will it work?

    (I consider a Palm V for x'mas 1999 - or a Visor for x'mas 2000 - if it's out by then)

    But seriously, what is the male/female user ratio?
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    Well, I'm one! I ordered a blue one a week ago. However, I'm a girl-geek so I'm probably not the norm Seriously though, women have been using those Frankin Planners so I can't imagine they wouldn't move to a PDA. Those paper PDAs are bloody heavy as opposed to the Visor which will slip quite nicely into a handbag (now the only question if what case to get that will protect my new toy from the "rigors" of my overstuffed handbag )
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    Franklin? My g/f has a TimeSystem and she uses it heavily. But it's usually in the office and she is not carring it around, except for biz trips.

    The only thing I worry is to give something she is not using later....
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    When I told my wife I ordered two, she looked at me like I was crazed.

    We were at the grocery store the other day and she was trying to find an address book. I gave her a notebook PC about 6 months ago and just recently blew off the dust that had collected.

    Some women seem to like horses better!

    No flames please!
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    I'm a girl (woman!) and I'm definitely getting one--just ordered an Ice Visor.
    I'm sick of lugging my overcrammed Filofax around and since I'm wired in every other way, it's TIME to get a PDA.

    I can't wait!!!!

    P.S. Not all girls like horses. Especially in NYC where we don't have yards.
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    Say, how do you folks put all those smiley faces in the body of your "replys"?

    Something with UBB, I suppose...

    Teach me!
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    How wired are you?
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    It's easy just put a : and a ) next to each other like this:

    Many of the common smiley's are available like and ... I don't know them all. (Someone posted all of them when the board first went online.)

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    Cool! Thanks!

    I'm free!

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    sarrett: I was just wondering, is it possible to have a paper PDA? I mean, the fact that it's paper usually nullifies the digital part

    I was thinking about getting my girlfriend a Visor, but considering she lost her last planner I'm scared She's not a techie like me, not yet anyway, so I don't know if she'd even enjoy it. She uses a Sharp planner, but that's about the extent I think she wants to have in the digital world.
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    I just recently bought a daVinci for my fiance. She isn't the technical type and didn't want to spend lots of money, but she needed something to replace her paper organizer. The daVinci fit the bill. I on the other need/want something more, so I ordered a Graphite VD
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    My wife was planning to buy a IIIe but is now waiting to see my Visor Deluxe before making a final decision.
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    "Gals"? I haven't heard that word since my grandpa passed on. Sheesh.

    I was mentioning to my husband how antsy I am waiting for my new toy to arrive and he remarked on how rare it is for me to get 'tweaky' about a techno-toy.

    Not to play into any insidious gender stereotypes, BUT it does seem as though men are more likely to be enamored of hardware *for its own sake.* I like a nice stylish design all right, but I'm most interested in what I can do with a new tool. I'm more content-oriented.

    Maybe that should be my new username - "Tweaky."
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    before the Visor came out I had a conversation with some deweebs at a Franklin-Covey store about who bought what. They stated that the majority of there demigraphics were women. Also, if you notice most of the advertising for FC and Daytimer, Dayrunner etc it appears to focus on women.

    Go figure!

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    I use my PDA constantly. I think it's a wonderful gift for any woman, assuming that she isn't afraid of technology and is computer-literate (the same comment would be made for male users). I wouldn't go back to my Daytimer if you paid me! PDA's are far more useful, weigh less, and look better in MHO. Buy her the PV, or if you really want to get her attention, get a PVx. She'll need the memory once she sees all the wonderful apps she can stick on it!
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    Thanks for helping decide what my name would be for this BB!

    I'm a woman, and "reserved" a blue Visor D. on 9-17, only 3 weeks after I bought my PalmIIIe. I love it so much I had to have the 8 megs, the springboards, etc. that come with the Visor D. Admittedly I am the only woman I know with a PDA, but I will say it's other women who seem to be the most interested in finding out what PDAs will do, how much they cost, etc. I think once people see how easy they are to use, there will be many more women using them. The same thing happened with computers...
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    Nitpick...First, "Tweaky" is a tooo coool username! Do it! Second, that you are open to all this techno-gunk is also cool. Why do you think more women are not. Or is that just my perception. I do know that my wife can't understand WHY i bought my original Palm Pilot. She happily lugs around this 8 1/2 x 11 sized Dayplanner that she can stuff files in and such...
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    I've got a blue one on order for myself, and an orange one for Danielle.

    I thought to myself, "Self, can you actually afford to do this, considering we have our first baby on the way, due in April 2000?"

    And then I replied, "Self, are you NUTS? How can we NOT afford to be completely in sync with our agendas, shoppping lists and contacts, considering the enormous amount of new experiences we've got ahead of us?"

    Danielle asked the same question, but she was quick to understand. While she's not a gear-head like me, she's the epitomy of organization skill--albeit on little scraps of paper in her wallet.

    As a tech analyst at work, I deal with the rhetoric of 'total cost of ownership' all the time; the way I see it, these puppies will pay for themselves in no time with all the stuff we'll have to keep track of as part of being new parents (barring any techno-glitches). All you experienced parents, don't laugh...we're newbies and frankly we're shaking in our boots!

    I also look at these as somewhat symbolic - they're the last gadgets I'll be able to afford for a long, long time.

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    Sleep depravition is the thing you have to worry about most my friend. My son just turned 2 and sometimes I still feel like I haven't caught up on my lost sleep. It is worth it though, being a Dad is the best job in the whole world. Good luck with your April delivery.

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    My wife with a dayplanner or pda? She does good with a legal pad & a pen. All kidding aside, I have to call her to remind her of stuff, I would buy her a VDx, but it'd end up in the same place her cell phone and camera are (2 years and we're still looking for them). As for being a dad, my daughter just turned 1 last week, what a wonderful year. I always thought I'd enjoy it, but never expected it'd be this great. My wife wanted our kids (2 is what I want) close together in age, so we're expecting our 2nd in March. We get to find out Friday (22nd) what it's going to be (yippee!!!) Ok, time to show off, my daughter's birthday pictures (some of 'em, not all are developed, I took these with my digital camera), are on our website . Cute like her dad!

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