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    Convinced - I know what to buy her for x'mas!

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    Yeah, I'm a new dad, since July 30, and I find that I have so much stuff going on that I can't keep half of them straight any more. Add to that the fact that I stay up until 12:00 just about every night now, let's just say that the sleep deprivation takes its toll!


    Yes, I was thinking that I had seen the end of gadgets, too, but I decided that I really needed some help in the organization department, so I sold a camera and lens I never use on eBay for $150, and then I donated blood plasma 4 times for a total of $100. See, where there's a will, there's a way!

    MJH <><

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    Hah...thanks for the words of encouragement, people. At least I know the VDx's I bought will not go to waste.
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    Wish I would have seen this thread sooner!

    I'm a female college student and brand new owner of a Palm IIIx. I'm looking at buying a Visor when things settle down.

    - Jess
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    You know, my wife has a "busting at the seams" day planner/address book. I'm tempted to buy her a Visor for Christmas. She certainly not a "Geek Gal" (tm) but It might be just the tool to bring her over to the "dark side" of geekdom. ;-)
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    I'm going from a daytimer that weighs a ton too. I was wondering gals...what kind of case are you getting since we don't have to put the VD in our pocket. We could put it in a purse. I wanted something similar to the the deluxe leather wallet case that palmgear carries. I need some suggestions before deciding on what to get. Thanks.

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    Haven't seen too many females with PalmPilot's yet, but there are a few.

    I think once the Visor hits the retail stores and people see the potential, it will really catch on. We're looking at a product that is essentially the child of a father who is a 3Com PalmPilot and a Mother who was a GameBoy! Wait another year and when the second generation Visors are out, if handspring is smart, they'll still keep the current 2 MB Visor and price it at $99 (it's only $179 today)! With that "magic price" and a new color (hot pink), chicks will grab these puppies up like crazy!

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    My sister bought a III about 6 Mos ago and she loves it. She only plays games on it, but she loves it.

    My other sister just ordered an Ice Visor Deluxe. I think she will use it more and it more productive ways.

    Just a quick note: My mother is virtually computer illiterate. She leaves her Cell Phone in the charger more often than not.

    Just goes to show technology is not genetic!
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    Should i buy my girlfriend one??? Is it worth it?
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    bren: Check out my other post in the Palm-OS compatible thread.. I'm thinking the same thing for my girlfriend as well. Probably going to get her a Palm III for like 112 after the VA 100$ off promotion. Not too bad. I was thinking for the IIIx for 160 or so, but that's an extra $60 I don't trust her maybe losing it

    She plays with the Visor enough to make me realize she'd probably like it.. But she has used a sharp wizard before and she likes dayrunner type planners, so this should be ok for her.
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    One cultural gender thing that might affect how much the XX subpopulation adopts PDAs - lots of women's business clothing lacks pockets!

    The only person I know who still uses a Newton is a female fits in her purse. Since it wouldn't fit in my pocket, I got a Palm a couple of years waiting for a Vdx since the Palm stopped working (Note - if your pda is making "frying bacon" noises that is NOT GOOD!)
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    Well, I'm late to the party, but as a "gal" I'll throw in my 2c... I've been a geek forever, but never could afford a PDA. I'm doing good to be able to afford to keep my desktop at home in this decade. :-)

    Yes, we "gals" can and do use PDA's, especially those of us who have become tied at the hip to our Franklin Planners (or whatever brand) I personally will be getting rid of 3-1/2" of paper... I have to carry TWO binders because they don't make a Franklin binder with 4" rings! :-( I even had to do an analysis of what info I need 24/7 so that could remain in one of the binders that I can carry in my oversized purse, the rest stays in the 2nd binder in my briefcase. I can't BEGIN to tell you how anxious I am for my Visor.

    As for "how" I'm going to carry it, since I ordered a Deluxe, I'm really hoping the case it comes in is sufficient for carrying around in a purse (normal size, for once in my life) and for business use, when I need my business cards and other misc. stuff, I'm planning to get one of those insert things from Franklin that snaps into a 7-ring binder... that way I'm covered (I hope!!!) Since I have a $200 Franklin Binder/Purse combo, I'd better find a way to use it!
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