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    Word is that Apple may show off its new handheld tomorrow. Call the MacMate (maybe) I know nothing about it other then it is potentially running the Palm OS.

    Any thought on how a marketing machine like Apple will changed the face of the Palm OS world?

    Lets guess that there is no Springboard, the design is cool, and that there is some technological advance in it (AirPort, maybe something else).

    Any thoughts,

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    Well, if was actually called "MacMate", I'd be a bit disappointed. Why not iMate?

    The automatic inclusion of Mac-sync software would be a nice perk for any Mac user (Handspring thought ahead here). So that's one good thing.

    I would suspect that any PalmOS-based machine Apple puts out would feature their flavors/colors for starters, which would appeal to all the iMac and iBook lovers out there. But Handspring is already covering that area somewhat (despite the lack of actual products shipping). I see it as an advantage over Palm for both Apple and Handspring because it lets people have a little fun with their organizers.

    I wouldn't expect AirPort to be something Apple would include at first. They might come up with an AirPort hotsync cradle later, but I doubt it would be internal to the machine. Not a bad idea though. I would expect USB support for obvious reasons.

    I also wouldn't expect to see anything but the Palm V/Visor screen. It's the tops for contrast and clarity so far.

    One thing I might expect, though, is a Palm V-sized casing with an 8MB machine. Palm can do it with aluminum, but Apple can do it in plastic. They might opt to not support Springboards, and may start with an initial offering of slimmer handhelds -- something as thin as a V/Vx, but in the iMac colors. I think that would be a good step to get them in the door.

    And I don't think they'd be trying to win converts from Palm machines. I think they're target would be similar to Handspring: the everyday end-users who just want to get rid of their big, clunky DayTimers without paying an arm and a leg (translated: $449) for a good, functional PDA with good support. So you would then expect a price range similar to the Visor, but probably not too much more or less.

    However, you'll see a lot of people complaining about the lack of color support and now the possible lack of Springboard support.

    One more thing is that I would almost expect Apple to include a version of Launch'Em for a primary Apps interface. It's fairly intuitive, and offers a little toolbar for quick things (TrashCan and Backlight toggle, for instance).

    Overall, I think Apple would hold its own in the marketplace. And even though I think you would see similar features between Handspring and Apple products, I think Apple's product would take off quicker simply because of their marketing staff/budget. They are such a high-visibility company that you couldn't avoid seeing their new offerings somewhere on TV (high-visibility being a commodity Handspring probably won't see too much of compared to Apple).

    Sorry for the length. I'm done.
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    Sorry I posted a topic before I saw yours. There is a link to the MacMate but it's a total rumor at this time but maybe they will introduce at the "show" on Wednesday.
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    No sign of anything?

    Anyone hear or see anthing with regard to an Apple Palm PDA?

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    Is anybody interested in seeing Apple or Handspring come out with a model like the Clio (made by Vadem) but with the Palm OS?? I was hoping Apple would have made a version of their old eMate like this, but alas I guess not. Anybody have any rumors whether this is possible or happening?
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    look if any development of a PAD made by macintosh was in the works you'd here about it a couple weeks in advance at or they got all the dirt.

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