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    Hey, if Steve Jobs couldn't buy the Palm line...Maybe...

    "Spring into action with the new iMate"
    "Pocket Power. Think Different. Think iMate"
    "iPiece plug-ins for the new iMate." - SpringBoards in Fruity colors!!
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    It came close to happening. Apple tried to buy Handspring a while back. I'm sure they'll eventually license the Palm OS and come out with an iMate or something.

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    I do believe the rumor that was going around was that the Apple PDA was going to be called the MacMate. THis was supposed to have come out when the iMac II came out, but didn't. I first heard this rumor on either this board or PDABuzz and when i mentioned it to one of my co-workers, he said he heard it too,l but for post 2000 release.
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    I was pretty sure that iMate was wrong. I just liked it better than MacMate.
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    I like imate too, especially if you pronounce it with an australian accent ;-)
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    Althuogh i would wish for this to happen there is nothing that would indicate this release of a PDA any time soon. One reason is for the lack of anything comming over the "Spy Wires" or somthing (it sounds stupid i know.) such as or and thyed know that somthing was in the works months before the release (although they could only say shady details up till three or four weeks before release). The other reason is that Jobs has pulled full circle so far on the mac products line, 4 laptops and desktops two for highend users and one for (not low) bveginners. And with the bulk of the Expo's over for the year there has been no new announcements from the most recent expo's. i think Jobs will come around to the idea, if he does expect it in 6 months (thats the approx. time its taking apple now adays to revamp product line). It will be color and good quality to since few PDA's have this option, the Palm or compatible OS thats made by apple will probibally be on it (Don't expect CE to be able too becouse if bill twists any arm to get more market share through apple too much and the trust busters will use it in court). I would think that it would be able to tap an air port network but probibally less range (less antenna) and used to check Email or have instant file convertion for it throught the airdock. It probibally will do somthing like the springboards but better and have a butload of memory built in speakers and microphone stuff. or steve will have mac only type thing, like most other mac stuff. it will be the best on the market and the most expensive too.

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