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    All of our posts about the ValueAmerica orders have been moved there.

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    Seems kind of weird.

    OFF TOPIC seems to fit the bill just fine, since if the topic is Visors, Palms would be "off topic".

    You could argue that all the TRGPro stuff, and a lot of the other Visor Topic stuff should be techically "Off Topic" not fitting the "Visor" topic literally..

    Anyway, if all that is going to be in Off Topic now is "Hey, any girls out there?" then it saves me a topic to read.

    Off to Palm OsCompatiables......


    P.S. I can't wait for the WinCE section
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    If we were on /. ( your post would rate a score of 5 (an excellent score, BTW) for being so humorous!

    Well, I say lets be good sports and go along with it folks.

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