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    Anybody else notice a suspicious increase in "We're taking a survey" kinds of phone calls since they've ordered their Visor?

    This last one was specifically targetted to users of handheld devices, and darned if I can figure where else they might have gotten me for that list.

    Infoworld, maybe. If so, sorry about the false accusation, Handspring.

    But it has been suspicious.


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    When I ordered my Visor I asked specifically about their privacy practices and was assured that none of my information would be sold or traded to other companies. That it was for credit card verification and contact information for handspring only. If they are doing anything less than kosher with our info it would be grounds for lawsuit but it is difficult to prove. Try asking the next caller what the name of their telemarketing company is and backtrack the info from there.
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    No "funny" phone calls here. Your suspicions are probably misplaced. (I doubt Handspring is that financially strapped.)

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    No calls here either...

    ...I can't believe that, with all of us on this forum and with all the others that check this who aren't registered, HS would be that stupid. They've got quite a good thing going so far, and lawsuits and legal problems only tend to cut into the bottom line. (Just ask MS)

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    I cannot believe that there's any way that Handspring could be selling phone numbers --- they are way too disorganized for that!
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    Isn't that the truth!


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