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       #1 is my predicament.

    I ordered a Visor Deluxe on 9-29.
    My credit card expires on 10-31.

    I have no plans on renewing the card and it is my only credit card.

    I called Handspring to inquire whether there is a chance in hell it will be charged before the expiration (which in their eyes also means shipped I guess since they charge and ship at same time).

    The guy was nice though he spoke rather fast. He basically told me 'I don't know'. Thats sage advice for a 45 min wait on the phone.

    The posts say 4-6 weeks after ordering your visor will be charged and shipped.

    Well, that puts me in a predicament. 4 weeks would be the minimum that would render me safe.

    My choices are of course to hold out and hope the Visor ships, or to do this Value America thing and perhaps get a Palm V or IIIx.

    Any ideas? I have heard and read that many are going for the Valueamerica deal but I feel kind of depressed as I wanted a Visor.

    No, I do not have 200+ bucks to spend and yes, though I could probably save as much in a little time, I am impatient and wanted a PDA before the end of October.

    Oh well, any thoughts or sympathies are greatly appreciated...maybe I just posted to fume.

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    Sounds very familiar... my credit card also expires on Oct 31/99. I waited on the phone for an hour tonight just to confirm that Handspring would ship to Canada. I ordered a deluxe on 9/28 and the CSR said it should ship before the end of the month.
    I'll watch my credit card statement on the net and if it gets close to the end of the month, I guess I'll forward my new info.

    My guess is that they will start shipping the first group of Visors out by the end of this week. Maybe I'm just getting anxious again...
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    My friend, here's a sanity check. I managed the tech department for a credit card company for 4 years. If you don't have the cash to pay this thing off then don't buy any device.

    However, if you're looking to leverage the purchase through a credit card so that you can pay it off in installments (i.e. minimum monthly payment) and can afford to do so, then why not renew the card, complete the purchase and then cut up the card. You can even call the bankcard customer service and tell them that you want to close your account to further purchasing once the transaction is completed. They'll close the account but keep sending you statements until you've paid off the balance. That way you've got your Visor, and you're not tempted by the card to make further purchases.

    In my 4 years with the credit card company I talked to lots of insolvent customers and my advice has always been, unless you absolutely need it, avoid the impulse, save your money, and buy it when you can afford to pay off the balance at the end of the month.

    Hope this helps!

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    My credit card companies usually just renew the cards for me. DOn't know why, don't know how, but I haven't fought it too much except for discover, who I cancelled yet again and told them 3 times in the same call if they ever call me again I will file charges of harassment against them.. We'll see if that works.

    Just something I have to throw out. I urge everyone here to call up your card companies and tell them to take you off all of their marketing lists. I don't remember ever saying they could sell my info, but they do and you can have yourself taken off of them.
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    Calling isn't always sufficient. They make it as difficult as possible simply because the law allows them to do so. Often they need a letter sent by snail-mail(go figure, you would think e-mail would be sufficiently material) indicating your desire to be pulled off the bankcard's lists.

    This is way off topic however, and I apologize for starting it.
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    I don't see that you have too great a predicament. How on earth can anyone get by without a credit card to make online purchases in today's world? There's not much point in purchasing a Visor if you're not prepared to cough up for Springboards when they become available.
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    Heh...I like the replies...Anyway, here is the final word:

    I wrote my post rather quick and was sort of venting my long wait and lack of information from the CSR.

    I have a tendency to be rather fickle and make rash decisions and I guess my real decision was holding out on the Visor or going with the VA IIIx deal.

    Yes, I do only have one credit card... I am 25 and learned very young about how they can get you into trouble. And no, I had not planned on renewing so that I could keep my balance in check instead of its gradual rise.

    My wife has a credit card and our Atm card also acts as a Visa as far as 'not possibly being able to live without one' in the wonderful world of online ordering.

    And no, I don't think I would be driving myself into a dead end by not -planning- to jump out and by any Springboards or whatever... I am new to the PDA scene and have already gotten many new apps to work with.

    To sum my erratic nature up, today a renewed credit card came in the mail that expires in 2002. I went to Office Depot and held both a Palm IIIx and Palm V. Tonight I will be calling customer service and just changing the CC info. I am excited as ever about getting the Visor.

    Predicament Solved.

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    I guess my post to you should have had a couple of smileys in it as the comments I was making were being made with tongue in cheek. Of course people can get by without credit cards --- it's just that I work for a bank.

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