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    Since I've already cancelled my order for the Visor (and that thread has since been deleted), I'd like to know how many of you are going to hold out when you can get ANY palm for at least a $100 bucks off the lowest price you can find on the web?

    Seriously, all these notions of comparing the Visor to various Palms were fine until the Palm started looking like a better deal. All of a sudden they were "off topic."

    Bull****. I'll probably get kicked off for this, but I'll stand for what I believe in. The Visor WAS a great deal until 3Com and various online stores started offering INCREDIBLE DEALS.

    The ONLY things Visor has over the Palm V now is a USB Sync (a big deal to some) and the springboard technology (see earlier caveat). What used to be its protractors (price, style, memory) have now been equaled, if not bettered by online retailers.

    W/out discussing where to get a Palm at incredible prices (arguably the reason the thread was moved), let's discuss now why the Visor really is better.

    Palm V: sleek
    Visor: sleek to some

    V: now costs less than Visor (albeit the standard Visor is cheaper

    V: 2 megs RAM
    VD: 8 (big difference here and yes, VD wins)

    V: Serial hotsync
    VD: USB (again, VD wins)

    V: upgradeable
    VD: not

    V: no springboard- oh well.
    VD: to those who will spend the money to use it.

    V: Time tested and backed by 3Com with a proven track record.
    VD: Well, so far the record is iffy, huh?

    Now, do I really want a V? Nope, I want a Vx and I am looking at getting one for under three hundred bucks- delivered to my door.

    If anyone here thinks a Visor Deluxe beats a Vx (which will cost less than $30 more), I'm all ears (or at least until I go from being quoted to booted)

    Flame is on!!
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    Speak on Solo! I have to say, the price difference looks nice to me as well. If I can get a Vx for under $300 I will most certainly make that my next PDA. What can I say, it's the style that attracts me more than anything else. I won't use the Springboards currently advertised, and I can't stand the look of the thing.

    Not to throw anything else into the fire though, but did anyone read closely on the CNet article? It says the new TRGPro will have a PalmV form!! I've conversed with the writer of the article and she says her source said it would look like the V and not the IIIx as we've heard elsewhere. Of course, we still don't know the price, but I'm willing to wait a week for the TRGPro to be unveiled before I leap.
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    Even if I wanted to cancel my order I couldn't. Handspring can't find it....
    Besides, it's just a test to find out who the loyal Visor owners will be...
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    Well, I cancelled my Visor and ordered a IIIx for less than 150 dollars. I'm with you, Solo. If the Vx comes up cheap, I'll cancel the IIIx and go for it. The 4 megs of RAM in the IIIx may not be enough, but I'm hoping. If the V had 4 megs, I'd have gone with it. Who's next?

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    People are dropping like flies... I wonder if this will get Handspring's attention.

    Achilles, How did they cancel your order? They couldn't have looked it up in their system. Maybe they just threw away your piece of paper that it was ordered on

    Sooner - How can we be loyal? We don't even have the product.

    Having fun....

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    Where can you get a Palm Vx for under 300 dollars? If you can show me where, I'd certainly consider it an option, but from what I've seen, they're over 400 dollars, quite a bit more than the deluxe I have on order. Thanks!

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    Jack: Thanks for the encouragement! I kind of resent having the threads moved (one was deleted) because there was some good discussion on there as well. I don't need nor want the net police tidying up what THEY feel are messes. That said, I am now only asking for the hype to be stripped away and the let the facts speak for the products.

    Sooner (rather than later): I can only assume you ordered via a credit card, yes? Well guess what, the reps could not find mine either, so I called up my VISA and told them to reject any order from Handspring- any order! If by chance the thing comes to my door, it will get sent back REFUSED.

    Who do you think are the loyal ones, anyway? You know what I am loyal to? My fat wallet. You know why it's fat? 'Cause I make sure I get the best deal going, that's why?

    Handspring does not give a rat's *** about your loyalty. They do care, however, about building a solid customer (read fan) base and for the life of me I can't understand why they let things become this colluded. WHO here KNOWS WHEN the damn thing is shipping. The CSRs don't know Jack squat and worse, what little they know they can't seem to agree on. I have exceeded my patience on this (as if four weeks was not enough already).

    I really do hope all of you are satisfied and absolutely love your Visors (really, I do), but the time has come for serious questions to be asked.

    Are you here for the hype and just can't admit there are better deals or what?

    Look at your wallet, checkbook, whatever and determine what is the best product for the BEST price. Right now the best product is the Palm V- hands down best value.

    When the storm starts next week, the prices will only get better. Watch.
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    I ordered mine sight unseen on 9/14 based on the price and a review in the Wall Street Journal. Cancelled my order last night and went with the IIIx for $142.

    My guess is that Handspring doesn't want to make an official statement that portrays them in a negative light. So the plan is to keep quiet and hopefully only alienate the very people that first supported them. I was a die hard evangelist for the Visor. I talked my wife's company into buying a bunch for her department. Now I'm not so sure.

    In one month's time, the price no longer looks that attractive. Springboard, we'll see.

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    No doubt the Palm Vx form factor and memory are great. However, I doubt that you'll come up with a Palm Vx at or near $300 any time soon, unless the new TRG unit is low priced (again doubtful - professed focus on "business" market, plus TRG has always had high price memory as a hallmark). Even at that, there's no given that TRG will get a product out the door any faster or better than Handspring has.

    Yes, I'm a 9/14 order whinning again! But the whinning goes to Handspring's refusal to just tell us where are orders are. As one writer noted, you can't even cancel an order because they can't find them.

    I still want a Visor Deluxe with Innogear's 6-Pack module, but I've only got three days left on my Palm Vx return period, and I may have to choose to stand with the Vx.
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    Well, there are those of us who need the 8-16 megs of data (Database applications).

    If the Vx, with 8 megs, was to hit the VDx price point (+/- $20), then I'll have to seriously consider it.

    By the way, just as a slight mention, all of you signing up for a credit card realize that you take a credit report hit for every credit check, correct?
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    Levi: Look again. I can get a Palm Vx right now for $400. IF Value America will honor that price when they get them, I will then apply my $100 rebate I got today just for signing up!

    That makes the price $300...nifty math, huh?

    I, too, was a VISOR enthusiast, but you don't follow a crowd just to say ya can follow, do you?

    If you are a lemming, sure. Me, I'm called 'Solo' for a reason.

    Open your eyes and look around. Next week the price will fall even more. I WILL have a Vx in my hands for right ~ $300. As proof, I'll fax anyone my sales receipt.
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    Nacht: You are not signing up for a credit card, but simply using what you already have (if you are talking about Value America).

    In the interest of keeping this thread's topic alive, I'd like to see someone, anyone, tell me why the Visor is better.

    Even the V, at $209, is better. Hell, on ebay there is a guy who will do the 8 meg addition for $85 bucks. One year warranty, includes shipping. I'm not keen on that because the Vx is better, but than again, there is a V with 8 megs for under $300. There are also some guys selling upgraded V's for ~$250-275.

    But, still waiting for why the Visor is better.

    Hurry up guys, I need to go to class soon.

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    The Vx is a beautiful piece ... but your really comparing apples to oranges. The only REAL atvantage Vx has over Visor is form-factor. The Visor,however, is a completely new class of palm. The springboard is something that will definantly be missed by ones who go with Vx... unless all you need is an organizer. I, for one, believe the Visor is an bargin regardless of how Palm prices their existing products.
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    These "I bought a Palm ? for $" are being moved because they have nothing to do with the Handspring Visor. Yes, you decided to buy the Palm because you couldn't keep your pants on long enough and wait for the Visor. Thats your decision. But it is my decision as a moderator for this forum to move this topic

    I truly hope you enjoy your Palm ?, I know I'll enjoy my Visor. Remember...we are all in this together. Any PalmOS device is a good device to have/use.
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    As Handsprung said, the topic was not deleted, just moved.

    It is our policy to never delete a topic/post unless it contains text that would be extremely improper or illegal.

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    I just got an e-mail from Handspring! Seems like so many people cancelled, my Visor will be shipped immediately! Wait, I think thats a UPS guy at my door...
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    When I saw that price from Value America I was floored! I struggled for hours over the decision. Finally I decided that it was too low to pass up. I ordered the IIIx for under $150 and cancelled my Visor. With tax the Visor would have been $120 more.
    I called Value America and they said the IIIx was shipped! After being told from the CSR that I would have my Visor by now I'm glad I switched! My buddy saw what I did and did the same thing toady. I wonder how many other folks are bailing...
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    Brendan are you playing with my mind ?
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    I couldn't pass up the deal either, and it was not a difficult choice.

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    I have to agree. I had been waiting on making my VD order but as soon as I saw the post for the 100 clams plus 20 off I jumped on it. I went for the IIIx. If Visor later turns out to come through on half the hype around it I'll gladly sell the IIIx and get one.

    Last check, order's shipping!

    He who waits ....
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