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    How do you get a cell phone from sprint for the discount w/o a contract?

    So there we were, christmas eve, and in church. We come out and there lies my rear passenger side crew cab door window on the ground. My wifes purse is gone (she never leaves a purse in the truck, I can count the times on one hand), she had a jacket over it, but not covering the whole thing I guess. Also for some odd reason, I left my T600 on the center console, in it's case. The phone was still there, as well as my Valentine Radar Locator. Just the purse was gone. So I guess they wanted fast eady $$$ becasue the other two items could yeild a very good amount.

    So here is my quandry...
    They have my wifes keys to the house
    They have my wifes keys to her truck
    They have her A460 cell phone
    They have her Motarola two way pager
    They have her Seringeti sunglassed
    They have her Dooney Bourke purse
    They have her credit cards and SS card

    My window is missing, there is a dent from the prey bar...
    All this for $30
    That is all she had in there, we cannceled the phone and all the cards right there on the spot.
    The cops never showed up, waited an hour
    What a buzz kill

    I'll change the locks on the house. I guess I'll get two new door locks and a ignition for her truck

    So my question, what was the work aroiund to get a phone at a discount price like you were getting a new contract w/o doing so. i know I have read posts here about that. Something abount get a new number, then swap them over, but I forgot the details.

    All in all, it was a pretty good christmas..
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    Oh yea, there was antoher car broke into as well, and I was parked right under an over head, very bright, parking lot light.
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    Matt, that's a bummer! Sorry to hear that. Your home owner should cover it. Don't tell them the purse was partially visible. Say it was fully covered by the coat.

    Being under a bright light allows passerby thiefs to easily spot valuables inside. If you frequently leave things in the car, tint your windows. Thiefs tend to stay away from tinted vehicles.
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    Still stings some!

    I do (or did) have tint. also it's a 2500HD, so it's not exactly at eye level either.....

    we have a $250 deductable on both the homeowners and truck. For the truck ,I am pretty sure I can get a window and put it in myself for unger $300, so no use increasing my rates or getting dropped.

    on the other stuff, too worried that they may drop us, i have a claim for hail damage earlier this year...

    The insurance companied are too picky it seems, they drop you at the drop of a hat it seems..

    Thanks for the input! Matt
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    Sorry to hear about your theft! The thing that makes me the most nervous is our garage door remote. One look at our address on the registration card in the glovebox and the opener would let a thief in too easily...

    Please let us know how you make out on the cell phone deal. We have an old old Motorola that is going to die soon, and we don't want to be locked in for another 2 year service plan.
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    her ss card?

    this would worry me.

    Hopefully it was just some druggy that needed a quick fix.

    I would look into one of those plans that monitor who asks for your credit info to be on the safe side.
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    As I said, she never leaves her purse. I can count it on one hand over the past decade. What a hard lesson.....

    I hope it was just a crackhead. They didn't take the Valentine One or the T600 either. We assume they just wanted fast cash and I bet the purse and stuff is eoither in the trash somewhere or on the side of some road. I just wish someone would call. I would love to put our worry at rest.

    We are looking at a A460 on Ebay right now.

    So i still need to change the house locks and the truck locks and ignition.

    I guess we never knew how much important stuff is carried in a purse.
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    I had a car broken into fur just a pair of sneakers (not even expensive ones)
    At first we thought they didnt get anything, till days later my wife couldnt find her sneakers...

    Lucky it was a rental car, but still the hassle was really annoying..
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