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    check out these postings and I would need to say more....

    I think he's just trying (with succes I may say) to be a jerk....
    If it was up to me I would can this user...
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    Your not kidding. It was sort of funny once, but now it is getting old real fast.
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    Let's try to figure FroCheese out --

    I assume "Fro" is from the Scottish from. Cheese is, well, cheese.

    FroCheese = from cheese

    Not very enlightening. How about this: Cheese is made from the milk's curd separated from the whey. So from the name and the postings, we might assume FroCheese has lost his whey (sorry).

    Nope, still can't figure him/her out*.

    *Trying to avoid a psychological profile.
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    You *****, you used the wrong "you're" above.
    So don't judge me for making honest reports of what i actually heard on the street. I'm not made from cheese and I dont smell like a cow.

    - Yer a bunch of nerds and i hate you....

    -Love, doodee breath
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    Were you dropped when you were a baby?
    Would you like to talk about it?

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    Boy, the institution that you're in sounds really nice if they let you use the internet and everything. One question, though: How do you type with a straight jacket on?

    BTW, you used the wrong "you're" (yer) in your message.
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    fro does it again...
    see: .....
    grr, this is getting anoying...

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    Off with his head...err, fro.
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    Okay so the Fro is running off at the mouth about--as we would say in France--"n'importe quoi" or nothing at all. I'd say ignore him/her/it. Some people just love to stir the pot and the only true way to spoil their fun is to feign disinterest.

    Perhaps Fro is a frustrated writer and finds therapy in writing cute sarcastic rumors/misleading stories about the Visor. Maybe he/she/it has Visor envy and secretly wishes he/she/it was Jeff Hawkins.

    Who knows, and inquiring minds could care less.

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    How old you do you think our good friend FroCheese really is? My guess is around 12 or 13...
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    The similarity of diction and content is scary....FroCheese is....Dan Briody!
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    Who the heck is Dan Briody???
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    The notorious InfoWorld reviewer whose name has become anathema on this site since he dared to publish an ignorant and NEGATIVE review of the Visor!

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    ahh, now I remember... I guess I blocked his name in my mind because his review did not make a lot of sense (he was compairing apples with pairs (or UNIX-boxes if you like ;-)

    But I don't think fro is him, he's most likely his retarded son....
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    LMAO, you said it ToolKit!
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    Toolkit, why do you find it necessary to make fun of retarded people? I'm sorry, but that's just not right.
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    Achilles, I did not intend to make fun of retarded people, I'm sorry if I offended anybody.

    My point was that frocheese is either a big a$$hole or is not mentally sane....

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