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    Does anyone use AvantGo? And if so, how does it work?
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    AvantGo is the only "web" service app I've tried so I don't know how it compares to other apps along these lines but I'm pretty pleased with AvantGo and would recommend it...

    Basically, you install the program and then register an "account" on AvantGo's site. Then you "subscribe" to different "channels" and when you "sync" it downloads the content for that channel. Some channels allow you to request specific info. For instance if you subscribe to the "MapQuest" channel you can input an address(es) on your Palm and the next time you "sync" it will download the map showing its location or directions. The FedEx channel lets you enter tracking numbers and when you "sync" it downloads the status of the package. There are many channels offered from top content sites like, CNN, Weather Channel, USA Today and many more. Its a very useful app for taking the latest news and information with you.

    I hope that helps...
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    Thanks. Yes that does help. I was wondering if you downloaded it and synced with the device or if you had to have a modem connected to the device. Sounds like it is pretty cool.
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    Yes, I downloaded, then installed and configured, then synced. I believe they have a wireless service as well but I'm not familiar with that. I could see the desire to have the wireless capability for surfing around but I basically just use it to take the web with me. That way when I have down time I can check it out. I make sure I sync before leaving my office (which with the USB connection and the Visor will be super fast - can't wait).
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    Sorry, I double-posted by mistake, but I couldn't delete this one.

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    I can confirm Handsprung's thought that the USB makes syncing AvantGo super-fast. It's awesome! I subscribe to a lot of channels (too many, probably) and on the old Palm III/Serial, it used to take 5-7 minutes to hotsync. It now takes me less than 2.


    ps FYI, here are the channels I subscribe to:
    New York Times
    Wall Street Journal
    Wired News
    The Sporting News - Baseball
    PPower Compact
    ZDNN Rumors & Comment
    Jeopardy! 2001

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    Ah, Mic ... you're fighting a neverending battle, though. 5-7 minutes to sync your old Palm and AvantGo is now 2 minutes. But, you now have 4x the memory you had before, so that could go up to 8 minutes or more ...

    Ya know, if syncing that Visor causes you too much grief, I'll gladly provide you with my address, etc.
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    I just started using the Jeapordy2001, and it's been on the same topic for the past couple of days. Is there a trick to getting a new game? Just curious. I'm sure that I've asked, the thing will change and I'll look dumb, but hey, that's life.

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    I'll answer the last two messages:

    Actually, my Visor has LESS memory than my Palm III. I have a memory expansion board from TRG that gives me 8 Megs of RAM, and 4 Megs of Flash, so my visor only has 2/3 the memory.

    As far as channels not updating (my Jepordy is changing day to day) go to the AvantGo website and edit your account. I currently have all of my channels set to only update once per day, at 6:00am. That way, I only have to wait for AvantGo the first time I hotsync in the morning. You can set it to update on every sync, once per day, etc..

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