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    Right now it lists as follows:

    <LI> Yes: 83%,
    <LI> No: 1%
    <LI> Don't have one: 17%.

    Now I can understand those entries in the last one (and account for one vote in the first), but 1% voted No?

    Now think about this -- If you don't find them useful, why would you have one? And if you don't find them useful AND don't have one, shouldn't you have voted for the last category? Why would anyone feel so strongly against PDAs they would ignore the best answer for a louder one?
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    What's even more peculiar is how the numbers add up to 101%.
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    The 101% is more than likely just a regular problem for Web site developers: script math. It's the rounding up process that causes it.

    Still a bit perturbing though, isn't it.
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    Yes, I've seen this problem before with polls with more than 2 choices. That 1% is probably more like .6% or something...
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    also an interesting trend is that the % saying 'Yes' is going down....
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    Yes, but its not really negative because the latest people to vote "don't have one". Maybe the poll should be only for people who have them...
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    That's probably because the people who visit this site daily are all PDA users. The newbies and the curious are slowly adding their votes as they hit the site.


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