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    So, my question is, who thinks that they're closest to getting the 30 posts needed to no longer be a junior member, but rather a full "member". This is my tenth post. Anyone already a "member"? Just curious
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    Been there, done that. Just waiting for the t-shirt now.

    BTW, it helped starting on the board from Day 1.

    - Zippy
    NEC/Smart Phone Forums
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    Ahhh, So that's how you become promoted.
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    Not bad! I've been here from day one too, but I guess I just haven't had that much to say. Have you ordered your unit yet? Do you plan to? I can't decide because I love my IIIx, but that springboard idea has me looking to buy. My plan is to wait until Handspring updates their page a little, or until I can see a unit, or at least talk to someone who has one.
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    you learn something new everyday! BTW, have you ordered, or do you plan to?
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    I've been here from day one too...
    I said it helped, but I'm pretty sure being a blabbering ***** with plenty of opinions is what gets you over the top so quickly.

    No, I haven't placed an order yet, though temptation will eventually get the better of me. I recently invested a lot of money/time in a WinCE device and related peripherals, and can't just walk away and start fresh. However, being a gadget freak (better described as 'forever looking for the perfect handheld') keeps me juggling more than one PDA -- and lacking in desktop space.

    A Visor is on my personal purchasing list for the near future.
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    I haven't ordered yet. I plan on ordering later in the week. Maybe when they get the online order web site together. I'm using a sharp Zaurus now and can't wait to get a Visor.
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    I know how you feel... so many PDA's and only two hands. I haven't ordered yet, I'd like to see the online ordering before I do. BTW, what CE machine do you have? I don't have any CE devices, but I've always liked the idea of taking Office documents with me without having to convert them for the Palm.

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    Well, this makes my 31st post but at 30 I still showed up as a "Junior Member". Maybe this will put me over the top...
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    Yep, that did the trick!
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    Hey Zippy, I must be postin like a wildman cause I didn't sign up until the 14th. I've been all over this Visor thing though for a while. I actually have an email from Handspring on 7/1/99 asking when they were coming out with their device. I'm also the guy who made the renderings that are linked from the VisorCentral homepage. Marcus hasn't had a chance to post some new ones I made yet but you can see them for now at
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    How do you find out how many posts you have made?
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    Click on the first little icon above your post, it will show your profile and the number of posts you've made so far along with other information about you...

    So far you have 19 posts.

    [This message has been edited by handsprung (edited 09-21-1999).]
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    handsprung: That's cheating! Even so, I bow to your high production rate. Don't go burning out on us now.

    Hawkeye: I'm currently running with two handhelds (actually three, but one's a loaner for work-related testing, so it doesn't count for our purposes here).

    The new one is an E-100 (Casio). I picked this up after my last Palm-size PC burned out (literally). I went for it on two counts:

    1. Have some recent WinCE purchases for Palm-size PC components I don't want to sell off -- yet. So I decided if I was sticking to the WinCE market for a while, I'd go for the coolest one out there.

    2. Did I mention how cool it is?

    The other handheld is my trusty MobilePro 750c (NEC). This is the one that carries all my Office docs

    The 750 is a LOT better than lugging about a laptop, considering I just want a PDA with a good sized keyboard when I'm "going mobile". Compatibility (infrared comm, CF card) with this little guy was the main reason I've also been carrying a Palm-size PC instead of some other PDA. Not so much concerned with that issue any longer.

    And now your next question: Why two? Because I use them in different ways. The Palmtop (Casio) handles in-house chores: meeting and schedule data, quick notes, synching between my work and home PCs. Easy to carry around, you know. The handheld (NEC) is the road warrior, used when I'm away from my desktop PCs but need to perform a good amount of data entry. No handwriting software will ever beat my typing speed.

    - Zippy
    NEC/Smart Phone Forums
    PDA Buzz

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    Only 19? Well this makes 20. Thanks for the info.
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    I won't be slowing down, actually just sent in this link to Marcus :

    Found it just a few minutes ago, hard to believe no one has mentioned it any where yet although it was written on the 14th.

    Anybody going to New York for Internet World 99 next month? Handspring will be there with plenty of Visors to play with...
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    The Visor Central staff will be at Internet World on Wednesday - the first day of the show.

    We will provide extensive coverage of events taking place in the Handspring booth for our readers.

    Anyone else going to be there on Wednesday?
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    I wonder if all the visors they have on display will have wires hooked to them so nobody wanders off with one?

    Not that you'd take one Marcus

    Oh, Zippy...that makes 40 posts now
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    Be sure to give us all the gooey details from the Internet World convention. Have fun!

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    handspring... While some of us are posting, some of us are working, eh?

    Marcus: Some of my fellow co-workers will be at Internet World, but alas, I shall be left back here in my cubicle... .

    The company name is ZipLink. Zippy, ZipLink -- get it? If you get bored by those small electronic objects, say hey to my fellow employees at booth #221. We don't sell anything you'd want (unless you're an ISP), but we're supposed to be giving away money!
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