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    I can't believe how quickly you jumped on this. I wish had thought to do so. Good job. One question though ... how old are you? (I saw a reference to you designing part of the site in calculas class and was curious.)


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    I am 19 years old, and freshman at University of Florida with plans of majoring in computer engineering. Go Gators!

    The rest of the crew is between 17-21 years old...
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    I was a CompSci major at University of Central Florida myself.

    (Watch out for Floyd!)

    Good luck,
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    Oh man ... I'm starting to feel too old for this whole PDA web admin stuff now.

    PDA Buzz Guy
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    Don't worry wes, age does not matter, you are doing a great job at ..

    p.s. you are not getting old, you are getting ancient

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