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    Just some random musings on Web sites and how they work in with the Visor --
    Anyone want to start a pool on when this will shape up with actual product info? Tuesday? October? Q1 2000? Will it ever aspire to being more than just a job opportunity page?
    Yeah, Handspring registered this, but it's typical for a company to grab up domains based on a product name and then hold them in reserve. So it's possible this will forever be no more than a placeholder or redirector.
    Anyone feel sorry for this poor site yet? It's about to be inundated by Net surfers too new to the Web (or, let's face it, just too dumb) to know that and are different locations. Would hate to see the emails to about to flood in... and
    I have a name for domain squatters like the company that's sitting on these. But since I'm in mixed company, I won't use it here.

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    Imitation is the highest form of flattery…
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    Ewwww ... domain squatters are almost as bad as typo leeches. You know, the guys who take a commonly mis-spelled domain and register it only to put up one page with 10 porno banners on it.

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    I think still worse, are those who have the correct spelling but the wrong extension. I mean, I wonder how many kids out there, end up at (instead of by mistake...

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