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    I saw the movie on Wed. night. It was GREAT. I'm debating whether it is better than The Two Towers, which is on my all-time favorites list.

    The one thing I missed from the movie, which was in the book, was the scouring of the Shire at the end.
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    Though I was not a fan of the first one and have never read a word of the books, I think the third one was great as well. I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I had known the story better. Some people are going to go bananas when I say this, but I had to ask at the end "Why did they have to destroy the ring again?"
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    [...] "Why did they have to destroy the ring again?"
    Because when Sauron created it, he vested it with a large part of himself and his power. Destroying the ring effectively destroyed Sauron.
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