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    Same "Ultra 150 Guru" Burkhardi from

    Noticed your screenname in a thread.
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    Try sending him a PM, you may have more luck that way..
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    Yea, It's me......How did you find me? I am in Shanghai on bussineess. Shoot me an email at

    Do you have a Treo too?
    Best Regards, Matt Burkhard
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    You're an Ultra 150 expert and you post a lot over at the board, so I recognized the screenname. I have an '01 Ultra, so I post over there from time to time. That's so random though.

    I just got a Treo back in December, so now I come to this forum.

    You don't happen to drive a Jeep Liberty too do you?....that would be too strange.

    Have fun over in Shanghai....plan on doing any riding over there?
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    No Jeep. Just a Chevy 2500HD Crew Cab and a Toyota Tacoma.
    No riding in Shangahi, just business.

    I use to moderate the Ultra150 forums from my Treo300 for a while. I have a Treo600 and love it. Welcome to the TreoCentral forum.

    Best Regards, Matt Burkhard :shortcut:

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