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    It is easier this Just enter the url and select the languages. It is not 100% perfect, but you will be able to translate almost anything. Use this dictionary to translate the words that the first url might not pick up.

    Hope it helps.

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    wow, I'm a Spanish 2 student and it's a bit thick....

    It's five in the morning and I can't sleep
    My thoughts are in your... something.

    You might want to run it through an online translator like Babelfish. It'll do a better job than me...
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    Babelfish uses Systran, both of which can translate Asian languages. People in China can't access Babelfish, but they can access Systran.

    They are the five in the morning and I have not slept anything
    Thinking about your beauty in crazy person I am going to stop the
    insomnia is my punishment, your love will be my lightening and until
    you are not mine I will not live peacefully Well I knew your fiancè
    small and good moso and do not know that it does not want to you, by
    its form to speak In addition to your not masters it so that it does
    not give the stature does not know complacerte since I would do But I
    have patience so that he is not competential For that reason there are
    reasons I no to respect

    Noooooo, is not love which your you feel is called obsession an
    illusion in your thought That makes you make things Thus works the

    Dressed well in my Lexus it happens through your school Inform
    that you were yourself, as a crazy person I were to reach to you looks
    for to You and it did not find you and that worried me to calm my
    anxiety I I wanted to you to call

    But tapeworm your I do not number and your friend already me
    denied it To be pretty much I help itself That brought the solution to
    me I I know that it liked and I gave a glance him With pair of
    palabritas your I number gave me Of the cellular one called and your
    you did not answer Soon I put a beeper to you and there was no

    My only hope, is that you hear my words (She) I cannot I have
    fiancè (He) I do not enlist please

    Noooooo, is not love (He) escúchame please What your you feel
    is called obsession an illusion (He) I am losing the control In your
    thought That makes you make things Thus works the heart...

    My love by God I do not enlist espérate that there is but

    I made appointment pá siquiatra to see if it helped me Then no
    longer I have friends by single speaking of you What I want is
    hablarte to try besarte Will be possible that with obsession one can
    die (sung fast) Perhaps you think that I am *****, privon and also
    crazy But it is that in the love I am very original I enamor like
    others, I conquer to my way To love is my talent, I am going to you to

    Excuse if I offend to you, but is that I am honest With
    luxuries of details listens to my Pure version chocolate cream,
    juntarte and devorarte Llevarte to another world in your mind heart
    Sees lives an adventure, we make thousand madnesses I go hacerte
    caresses that are not inventao

    (It repeats several times to finish) it is not love, is not
    love Is an obsession
    I have the world in my Palm

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