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    Google Deskbar enables you to search with Google from any application and installs in your Windows taskbar.
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    I use ActiveWords for that. It is a comprehensive scripting/macro program, and literally changes the way I use my computer. But it's not free.
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    One cool thing about it is you can custom map certain keys. For instance, if I enter in "GE" and hit ctl-q I get a stock quote. Since I can get to the search box without touching the mouse (again with a key combo), I can get stock quotes without ever lifting my fingers from the keyboard. The neat thing is you can do this to any URL. For instance, to search TreoCentral, you can make a shortcut that goes to :


    Now you can search Treo Central without even lifting a finger! Google has done it again!
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    try using the lsxcommand that's included with litestep. You can customize your search file to include any search you want.
    So on my computer crtrl-a followed by ?imdb ..... will search for whatever i typed on the dots.
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