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    very, very short role in the movie. james caan is spouting off at two of his assistants, and one of them jots notes down on .... none other than .... THE TREO 600!!!
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    Hmm. Now I might consider watching.
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    Wow, really?

    That means Handspring's marketdroids must have had a dummy in the hands of the director many many months ago, given the schedule movie productions have.
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    It wasn't a Treo 600--it was a Palm M505/515.
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    I saw a commercial for that new Looney Toons movie and in one scene, someone is holding a Treo 300, 270, or 90. Still not enough to make me watch that movie.
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    I watched the trailer for Looney tunes at a couple hours ago, and I thought i saw a Treo like device being held in a persons hand...
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Three cheers for corporate sponsorship in movies!
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    I just heard Howard Stern mention the Treo 600 on his show. He said he was distracted lately because he just wants to play with his Treo 600.
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    another great way to see one is to just buy it

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