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    ...these things follow me!
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    what kind of bird are they?
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    umm... ducks?! Think AFFFLAACKK
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    Originally posted by rcyphermd
    what kind of bird are they?
    These things are White African goose (I think). Normally they are more brownish, but the flock was mixed with the regular kind. Their head goes to your chest level and if they bite you, it won't draw blood, but will give you a nice bruise! Mamas are very protective of their chicks. I was trying to get my lunch by the lake & I guess these fellas got hungry! Nice action pic w/ T600
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    hehe that's a great picture, especially considering you were probably running backwards at a decent speed.
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    For Sale treo 600, camera only used once

    OK I did not think of that one myself.. got an email with a simular picture (a bull instead of a goose though) a while ago with a simular subject..
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